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Protect Healthy Cells with C60

Protect Healthy Cells with C60

You’ve started a workout plan, and while you’re happy to be active again, you think you could be doing more for your health. That’s when a friend mentions the antioxidative properties of C60. “Can C60 and antioxidants help?” you think. If you’ve been wanting to improve your health beyond your workout routine, read on to see how C60 and its antioxidant properties can help you. Get a Workout Boost Today The Mighty Antioxidant As we have talked about before, antioxidants are pretty amazing Read More

What is C60?

Antioxidants, C60

Do you consider yourself to be forgetful or inattentive? Do you wish you had better memory and higher levels of motivation? If so you may want to consider taking C60! You’ve just ended your first workout in years and you are wiped. As you try to catch your breath and check your pulse you notice your friend is not so winded. Why is that? Could it be the carbon 60 they took before we started? And just what is carbon 60 anyway? Read More