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The COSMOSIL 5C18-MS-II column, taking advantage of a new end capping treatment can replace the COSMOSIL 5C18-MS. The silica gel is end capped with polar groups for shielding effect, based on the chemical property of the packed silica gel to draw highly polar components from the mobile phase. As a result, the new end capping provides improved peak shape for basic compounds. The absorption of the silica gel is controlled because it does not interact with N atoms, therefore suitable for the separation of chelating compounds. Another advantage is that the 5C18-MS-II has similar retention characteristics to the 5C18-MS series: the HPLC conditions for the 5C18-MS are applicable to the newly developed column, 5C18-MS-II.


Silica gel

high purity porous spherical silica

Average particle size

5 µm

Average Pore size

approx. 120Å

Specific surface area

approx. 300m2/g

Stationary phase

monomeric type octadecyl group

Carbon content

approx. 16%

Stability under alkaline condition

The durability under extremely high pH is greatly improved at the new COSMOSIL 5C18-MS-II compared with current COSMOSIL 5C18-MS. Though it is possible to use under alkaline condition for a limited time, after long exposure some deterioration may occur. For long use we recommend pH 7.5 and below.

Stability under alkaline condition

Method: After the indicated length of incubation with the extremely high pH buffer, the column was washed and the effective plate number (N) for n-amylbenzene was measured.
The figure above shows the change in N as a function of incubation time. There is hardly any observed change in MS-II. On the other hand with MS when 10 hours or more passed rapid deterioration was observed.
Alkaline solution;0.02M phosphate buffer (pH10.0)

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Catalog # Cosmosil 5C18-MS-II Column Price ($U.S.) -
02824-31 5C18-MS-II - Semi-mirco bore Column, 1.0 x 50mm $402.00
02896-01 5C18-MS-II - Semi-micro bore Column, 1.0 x 150mm $433.00
093-8025 5C18-MS-II - Analytical Column, 2.0 x 150mm $453.00
34245-31 5C18-MS-II - Analytical Column, 3.0 x 150mm $453.00
34254-11 5C18-MS-II - Analytical Column, 3.0 x 250mm $494.00
093-8017 5C18-MS-II - Analytical Column, 4.6 x 50mm $319.00
093-8018 5C18-MS-II - Analytical Column, 4.6 x 100mm $391.00
093-8019 5C18-MS-II - Analytical Column, 4.6 x 150mm $391.00
093-8020 5C18-MS-II - Analytical Column, 4.6 x 250mm $422.00
093-8021 5C18-MS-II - Analytical Column, 6.0 x 150 mm $556.00
093-8022 5C18-MS-II - Analytical Column, 6.0 x 250 mm $608.00
093-8023 5C18-MS-II - Semi-preparative, 10.0 x 250mm mm $1,040.00
093-8024 5C18-MS-II - Preparative, 20.0 x 250mm $2,050.00
093-8014 5C18-MS-II - Analytical Guard Column, 4.6 x 10.0 mm $240.00
093-8016 5C18-MS-II - Semi-preparative Guard Column, 10.0 x 20 mm $425.00
380-1590 5C18-MS-II - Guard Cartridge Kit, Contains 3 guard and holder $206.00
380-1589 5C18-MS-II - Guard Cartridge, Contains 3 guard $180.00



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