C-60 Sunflower Oil filter Demonstration – Little or No C60 found.

c-60 sunflower oil with NO C60

C60 Sunflower Oil Demonstration

In this demonstration, Chris Burres filters the C-60 sunflower oil product with a .22 micron filter.  C60 in sunflower oil is purple.  You can purchase the filter and syringe from eBay for around $20

  • Ebay Search
    • https://ebay.to/2RLUK2D
  • EBay product
    • https://ebay.to/2G7pRVe

The conclusion of this test is that the C-60 product contains little if any C60.  If you are trying to reap the benefits found in the original Baati study where the test subjects given our product lived almost twice as long as the control groups, then C-60 is the wrong product.


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