C60 Benefits and Most Frequently Asked Questions

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By Robert Wong

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There are a variety of C60 benefits out there that are growing with each research study done. Your health could significantly improve with a simple supplement addition. Many people have been trying to learn all they can about this amazing compound, so we decided to put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding C60 benefits. Let’s take a look at what people are hoping to learn.

What Exactly Is Carbon 60 (C60)?

C60 is the shortened term for Carbon 60, which was discovered back in 1985. This is a molecule made up of round Carbon particles made in a laboratory. There are 60 Carbon atoms put together in a shape that resembles a soccer ball style cage. This shape makes the molecule an ideal carrier for medication or information that needs to be sent around the body.

C60 FAQs and benefits | SES Research

It is not naturally occurring, but when studied, it has shown to provide a significant array of health benefits. There are ongoing studies to see what type of industrial, scientific, and medical benefits it can provide. The purity of the Carbon allows for strong results that can be duplicated.

What Does C60 Do?

As C60 floats around the body, it looks for damaged cells or carries messages or medication to areas of the body that need it. Once a damaged cell is located, the C60 floats over to it and absorbs it. That way, these cells cannot do damage to the body. It goes through and replaces the natural antioxidants that body has, absorbs, or creates. They then allow the body to remain healthy, which keeps the immune system strong.

How Can Someone Take C60?

C60 is not something that will dissolve in water. Instead, it must be put into an oil before consumption to keep its properties. This is why most people take a C60 supplement as part of their daily olive oil use. It helps the body absorb the C60 while also ensuring that the molecules do not clump together, as they would if exposed to water.

What Are the C60 Benefits for Health?

Some of the research done into C60 has astounded the researchers. The effects noted from C60 use are far beyond expectations. One of the biggest discoveries was the anti-aging effects from C60. It is stalling the effects of aging and slowing down the effects that aging has all over the body. Wrinkles show up less frequently, and the skin is more resistant to UV damage.

Another C60 benefits is the strength of the immune system when you add C60 into your diet. Your immune system remains strong when there are fewer free radicals floating around your body. This means you will experience less inflammation, rebound from illnesses faster, and rebuilding faster following an injury or intense workout.

Does C60 Help with Weight Loss?

Studies have shown that adding C60 to your diet can help protect against weight gain. The molecule stops cells from becoming fat cells. Instead, the body removes those extra cells before they can become fat, helping keep people at a healthier weight.

How Does C60 Help with Mental Clarity?

One of the studies on C60 showed that mental clarity and focus were increased when this was part of a regular diet. People taking C60 were more able to focus on their tasks in the study. Plus, they were more likely to recollect memories with this addition.

Does C60 Affect Joint Health?

C60 FAQs and benefits | SES Research

Studies have also shown that the joints of people taking C60 become stronger with regular use. While the anti-aging benefits were being studied, alternative C60 benefits were also noted. One of the most widely noted was that joints felt stronger, and people felt more secure when moving around during the studies.

How Does C60 Help with Hormones?

On top of all these C60 benefits, there is also a naturally balancing effect from C60. Men had more even levels of testosterone, and women had more balanced levels of estrogen while taking C60. This gave people more energy while taking this supplement, plus people also noted that their libido increased as well.

Find Out All the Known C60 Benefits by Turning to SES Research

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