C60 For Your Health: Fad or Here To Stay?

Is Taking C60 for Your Health a Fad or Here to Stay?

Sometimes an exciting new supplement appears on the market. News companies report on it, it’s all over social media, and you hear that your aunt tried it and feels great. Then, after not much time, attention goes to a new supplement, and everyone forgets about the previous one. C60 is getting attention, and you might wonder while reading all the latest articles if C60 for your health is another fad.

C60 isn’t merely some product that sounds good. It’s a molecule with practical medical applications and remarkably potent antioxidant properties. Although most medical studies have been on rats and cells in dishes, the promising health benefits of carbon 60 warrant intensive further study. The long list of glowing testimonials attests to what early research indicates: C60 is effective. Too many people benefit from this supplement for it to fizzle out.

A Supplement With Promising Research

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Most people are introduced to carbon 60 by hearing about its intriguing list of health benefits. You might wonder, “Is it possible for one supplement to deliver so many health advantages?” Preliminary researchers and people who take C60 will reply, “Yes, and isn’t it amazing?” Studies have discovered a full spectrum of health benefits of C60, including:

  • Supporting white blood cells for the immune response.
  • Keeping fat from accumulating in the body.
  • Stopping tumor growth due to strong antioxidant properties.
  • Promoting hair regrowth.
  • Improving brain health and mental performance.
  • Clearing up acne and smoothing out the appearance of the skin.
  • Repairing skin affected by ultraviolet radiation.
  • Reducing inflammation in joints.
  • Fortifying cartilage and bones against loss of density.

The History of Carbon 60 Research

Researchers discovered C60 in 1985, and it incited much excitement. The scientists who discovered it received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996. This molecule is unique because the 60 carbon atoms form the shape of a hollow ball. Indeed, the molecular structure resembles a soccer ball. The full name for the molecule is buckminsterfullerene, but it’s commonly referred to as the buckyball.

The molecule has grabbed interest from scientists for industrial and medical research applications. Studies have continued throughout the decades about applications ranging from nanotechnology and electronics to cancer-fighting mechanisms. Many past studies regarding health applications focused on cells in small animals, and research on humans is still in its early stages. With such promising medical innovations lingering in the air, we could expect many more human studies to occur soon.

The Unique Molecular Shape Inspires Medical Innovation

The round shape of C60 allows it to carry material inside. This quality has prompted research on medical applications. One study involved holding HIV inside buckyballs, preventing further replicating of the virus. It’s thought that carbon 60 could also transport medications. Simulations have shown that the molecule can pass through the phospholipid bilayer into cells and mitochondria. This phenomenon of C60 could be an effective molecular vehicle to deliver medications to cell parts that are otherwise difficult to access.

The Potent Chemical Properties Promise Health Benefits

C60 also stands out because of its potent antioxidant qualities. C60 seems a significantly more powerful antioxidant than the other most-powerful antioxidant contenders. Researchers believe buckyball’s immense chemical influence is that it can absorb protons into its cage-like interior, thus stabilizing free radicals. Many other antioxidants only stabilize one free radical per molecule. One molecule of C60, however, can scavenge several free radicals. This notable potency, combined with C60’s ability to enter mitochondria, makes it a promising therapeutic substance.

The studies performed so far have been exciting. Perhaps most strikingly, researchers discovered carbon 60’s potential to almost double life spans in a study that had initially been investigating toxicity. Researchers were amazed when rats treated with C60 ended up living for nearly twice as long as usual. This phenomenon raised more questions about the potential health benefits of this fantastic molecule and its age-defying properties. Studies have discovered multitudes of similarly ground-breaking medical applications.

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When the health benefits of carbon 60 became apparent, the question of delivery arose, and researchers devised that the best way for the body to take in C60 is to dissolve it in oil. The buckyball is hydrophobic, which means it won’t dissolve in water, and thus it wouldn’t be dispersed as thoroughly into the body with water. It does dissolve in oil, and even better, the oil helps deliver it to the body’s cells by carrying it directly into the phospholipid bilayer.

SES Research Provides the Purest and Safest C60 Supplements

Here at SES Research, we’ve become the leading global supplier of 99.99% pure, safely formulated carbon 60. Our company began in 1991 to research and develop carbon nanomaterials, and since then, we’ve supplied our exceptional formulations to leading research institutions and loyal customers who benefit from powerful carbon 60.

Our Testimonials Seal the Deal

The best reference for the efficacy of C60 in transforming human health is our long list of consumer testimonials. It’s one development to know that C60 has doubled the lifespan of rats. But what about reading testimonial after testimonial of how carbon 60 has been taking away pain, reinvigorating energy, and bringing hope back into people’s lives?

Many of our customers say they’ve tried almost everything to improve their health. However, once they discovered C60, their lives changed. These stories drive us to continue leading the field by providing new formulations of the beloved buckyball.

The Future of Medical Innovation Is Bright

With so much more left to research and such promising initial results, it’s in the public’s best interest that studies continue and are conducted on humans to measure the many health benefits. Here at SES Research, we’re continuing to advocate for further testing and analysis of C60.

Order C60 in olive oil today. When you experience the healing effects firsthand, you’ll know what people have been saying for years: Carbon 60 is a remarkable molecule that brings relief, energy, and hope back into people’s lives.


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