C60 Pain Relief & Mood Enhancer

Another satisfied client tells us about her positive experience with SES C60! Elaine initially began taking C60 for her chronic leg pain. In her Google review, she notes that this has been completely alleviated. She also boasts having decreased depression, heightened moods, and increased acuity.

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Google 5 Star Review

SES Research Inc Testimonial

Here is the text from Elaine’s Google Review:

I began taking C60 initially from a competitor not knowing they were most likely getting their product directly from SES Research. Within days, I noticed relief from a chronic leg pain of 15 years that I have suffered after bunion surgery due to unleveled walking. Several rounds of cortisone shots never completely eliminated that pain so C60 provided me with the anti-inflammatory properties needed for further relief. Subsequently, I discovered SES, the original ‘rat experiment’ supplier, and began a subscription with them.

I have also suffered from depression since my mid-30’s. Like many, I’ve taken prescription drugs on and off over the years to help with that. After taking C60, I stopped smoking and taking the prescription drug and felt fine but never connected the C60 to my mood or its help with my ability to stop smoking, although I did feel I had more ‘clarity’ in my thinking.

Then, “I’m cured”, I’ll stop my C60 subscription too. Within weeks the depression returned full force and I almost picked up a pack of cigarettes after 7 months of no smoking. That’s when the connection was clear and I called to renew my monthly SES C60 subscription. For those reasons alone, I can’t say enough good about the product or the supplier SES

I feel better about taking this product than any pharmaceutical on the market. And, no clue what other benefits my body is receiving that I am not even aware. I recommend and won’t be without again. Thanks SES and staff!

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