C60 Pain Relief – SES Research Testimonial

Our clients tell us SES C60 in Olive Oil reduces pain. According to the NIH pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined so pain relief is something many are searching for. Check out the review Rebecca Iocca left for us on Google about our c60 oil product. It is of course 5 stars. Her review is below.

Here is the text of Rebecca’s pain relief testimonial

“Damn SES Research to hell! They actually have a product that works and I must keep buying it. Yes, it is that good. I am a few months shy of being 55 and have been living with arthritis and other minor ailments for about 10 years. The pain from arthritis has been reduced 90 to 95%. One unexpected benefit from C60 is I can stand all day without my feet hurting. I can testify that I am sleeping better and longer, skin is healthier and my mind is clearer. I just ordered a 3 mo. supply and will be sharing it family and friends. SES should get a Nobel Prize for this product. “

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