C60 Supplements: What Are They and What Should I Look For?

by | Jan 10, 2024 | C60 Benefits, Carbon 60

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By Chris Burres

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What are C60 Supplements, and what you should look for

C60 supplements typically involve Carbon 60, a molecule also known as a fullerene, dissolved in a carrier oil such as olive oil. These supplements are often marketed for their potential health benefits, particularly their antioxidant properties. When considering C60 supplements, here are some factors to keep in mind:

  1. Purity and Source: Ensure that the C60 used in the supplement is of high purity. Reputable manufacturers should provide information about the source and production methods of their C60. Look for products derived from high-quality carbon sources.

  2. Carrier Oil Quality: The choice of carrier oil matters. Olive oil is a common carrier for C60 due to its antioxidant properties and health benefits. However, the quality of the oil used can impact the overall quality of the supplement. Look for extra virgin or high-quality olive oil.

  3. Dosage and Concentration: Check the dosage information on the product label. Dosages can vary among products, and it’s essential to choose a supplement that aligns with your health goals. Concentration is another factor; a higher concentration of C60 may require smaller doses.

  4. Testing: Look for products that undergo rigorous testing for quality, purity, and potency. Testing helps ensure that the supplement meets the claimed specifications and is free from contaminants.

  5. Storage and Packaging: C60 supplements are sensitive to light, and exposure to light can degrade the molecule. Choose supplements that come in dark or opaque glass bottles to protect the contents from light. Proper packaging and storage contribute to the stability of the product.

  6. Reputable Manufacturer: Purchase C60 supplements from reputable and established manufacturers. Companies with a history of transparency, adherence to quality standards, and positive customer reviews are more likely to provide reliable products.

  7. Consult with Healthcare Professionals: Before starting any new supplement regimen, including C60, it’s advisable to consult with healthcare professionals. They can provide personalized advice based on your health status and potential interactions with medications.

  8. Research and Scientific Support: Look for supplements backed by scientific research. While the field is still evolving, reputable manufacturers often reference relevant scientific studies supporting the potential benefits of C60.

It’s crucial to note that the long-term safety and efficacy of C60 supplements, especially in humans, are not fully established, and more research is needed. Individuals considering C60 supplementation should approach it with caution, be informed about the product’s quality, and consult with healthcare professionals for guidance.

What is C 60

C60 is a molecule that consists of 60 carbon atoms. Scientifically known as buckminsterfullerene, this compound has a spherical shape that looks much like a soccer ball. This has given rise to the nickname Bucky balls. This compound was first discovered in 1985 by three scientists. In 1996, Dr. Robert Curl, Dr. Harold Kroto, and Dr. Richard Smalley won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their discovery of the C 60 molecule. It has since been utilized for a wide range of purposes including the delivery of genes and drugs into cells and hundreds of animal studies.

Though C60 is hardly a newcomer in the scientific community, it’s gained recent popularity among health enthusiasts as a supplement. You may have heard about the supplement as something of an antioxidant wonder molecule. Here are the facts of the matter, so you can decide whether C60 supplements are right for you.

Where Does C60 Come From?

First, C60 is a naturally occurring molecule with significant quantities detected in space, this was the initial impetus to research carbon that led to the discovery in the first place.  You can also find C60 in the soot of a candle.  Unfortunately the quantities found in the soot of a candle are on the order of parts per million or even billion.  Although most C60 is produced in a reactor there is no difference between C60 found in space, collected from a lightning strike, collected from a candle or produced in a reactor.

It is in the reactor where graphite, a crystallized form of carbon, is vaporized to create the distinctive set of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons that comprises the closed cage molecule, C60. C60 was first discovered by scientists who were vaporizing carbon with a laser in an attempt to recreate the infrared emissions given off by giant red carbon stars. Though the process created several types of carbon molecules, C60 was by far the most common, appearing three times more than any other type of carbon cluster.

What Makes C60 a Viral Scientific Discovery?

The series of hexagons and pentagons that make up C60 are exceptionally strong, which is one of this molecule’s greatest attributes. These molecules don’t easily dissolve in most liquids. Though they become slightly soluble in solvents like toluene, C60 compounds are hydrophobic, meaning they do not dissolve in water.

C60 withstands both high temperatures and high pressures very well. It can even resist radioactivity and chemical corrosion. Shaped like a soccer ball, the spherical C60 compound can trap any atom on the periodic chart inside of them and can even act as a superconductor. C60 can spin at extremely high speeds and when shot against a steel plate at 15,000 MPH, where most molecules will just shred apart, C60 will bounce right back.

C60 retains its spherical shape even while interacting with other atoms. Because of it’s six-fold symmetry, even after it’s been squeezed, C60 molecules will return to their original shape.

How Do C60 Supplements Benefit the Body?

healthy older couple jogging on a beach faint overlay of a carbon 60 atom illustrationC60 readily accepts up-to six electrons. It absorbs negative elements in the body, such as free radicals, and is easily oxidized. Some have theorized that C60 may help the body replace the essential antioxidants glutathione, catalase, superoxide dismutase, and COQ10, which are known to diminish with age. Antioxidants essentially battle the effects of oxidative stress, which is one of the primary factors in aging. By minimizing oxidative stress, C60 may be able to lower your chances of developing certain conditions associated with systemic oxidative stress. 

By enhancing the body’s immune response, C60 can potentially produce a variety of desirable benefits, such as:

  • Increased energy.
  • Enhanced mental capacity.
  • Improved strength.
  • Improved immunity.
  • Improved inflammation response*.
  • Relief from allergies.

One study suggests C60 in squalane oil may help prevent the formation of fat cells and address issues with insulin resistance. Applied topically, C60 may help with sunburns and provide some protection from UV rays. It’s also purported to help with skin aging and other physical signs of aging. One study in Japan found that C60 noticeably reduced the appearance of wrinkles when used in a face cream for a period of eight weeks.

How To Take C60 Supplements

Since C60 is not water soluble the raw powder is not bioavailable.  For this reason, C60 compounds are typically delivered in an oil-based solution for internal use. You can also use C60 externally in the form of a serum or cream.

C60 Side Effects

The full positive impact of C60 has yet to be studied. The best carbon 60 supplement will always come in dark bottles. The only complaint we get form our customers regarding C60 in oil is related to the oil.  This can often have a “cleansing” digestive effect that may last a day or two.  Also, many people do not take 1 teaspoon, the recommended serving size, all at once and do not like the feeling and/or taste.  For those we recommend consuming the product with bread.

If you’re interested in trying C60 supplements for yourself, SES Research offers a variety of ESS60 products. These oils may deliver powerful benefits for a healthier life.

*inflammatory response is applicable to exercise induced inflammation