Does C60 increase your energy during the day? Does C60 help with Pets?

by | Mar 26, 2023 | Pet Supplements

By <a href="" target="_self">Chris Burres</a>

By Chris Burres

c60 Researcher, Engineer, Inventor and Co-Founder of SES Research Inc, EST 1991.

Here is another testimonial from one of our customers who is sharing how SES C60 in Olive Oil helps her sleep more deeply, have more energy during the day and has positively impacted her dog. You can find this review as a YouTube post here.

Here is the text of Kathleen’s testimonial

” Love c60 from SES LABS. Have been on it for only 6 days and already am feeling amazing. My energy is incredible I simply don’t get tired. Also my dreams are much more vivid and I wake up actually feeling like I have slept. Giving it to my shitzu who was very sick I believe he was dying. Hw was confused and not seeing we.. took him to the vet and his liver enzymes were high. He is now walking better he is not falling as much and is not as confused. He is not 100% yet but he was a sick little pup. I will keep a record and let you know how we do. My husband and son are taking it now with good results. They are relatively healthy but my son said his back aches went away as well as a pain he gets in his chest from A condition he acquired about a year ago. Also I have had much more mental clarity and I can focus much better. My energy though is off the charts. I feel like the energizer bunny. Bye for now. “