Fight Back Against Free Radicals with C60

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By <a href="" target="_self">Chris Burres</a>

By Chris Burres

c60 Researcher, Engineer, Inventor and Co-Founder of SES Research Inc, EST 1991.
Your colleague, who always complains about taking a stroll, is suddenly full of enthusiasm. With your interest piqued, you ask him, “What made this change happen?” You then find out he’s been adding C60 supplements to his diet. Not only that, but he also reveals that he is now free of harmful free radicals. You wonder, “What is he talking about?”

Scroll down to learn more about what free radicals are and how to fight them.

free radicals, C60

free radicals, C60How Free Radical Harm You

In simple terms, free radicals are the atoms that deviate from their original state. You know that your body consists of atoms on the cellular level. Some of these are unstable and strive to bond with other atoms to maintain the equilibrium state.

Excess production of such free radicals causes trouble. Free radicals are harmful, especially those of oxygen. This process of oxidation, in excess, leads to oxidative stress. The stress breaks down the cells of your body and causes tissue degeneration.

“Scientists see free radicals as a potential Pandora’s box of evils.”

Degeneration of tissue actually happens to everyone as the age.However, oxidative stress can lead to signs of premature aging. These could include:

  • sagging skin
  • joint pains
  • weight gain
  • inflammation
  • and other issues.

How to Counter Free Radicals?

Your body produces free radicals as the by-products of normal cellular functions. Just as the body creates free radicals, it also generates the elements to counter the effects. These are the antioxidants. As the name suggests, they prevent oxidation from happening.

“Antioxidants boost immunity and improve metabolism.”

Antioxidants eliminate  free radicals by making them stable. They give an electron to a free radical to balance it out. They do all this without turning into free radicals radicals, C60

In order to have proper body functioning, a decrease in the number of free radicals leads to better health outcomes. However, if free radicals remain in excess, this may leads to conditions like asthma, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or even cancer.

Some people, whose body can produce enough antioxidants, are able to counter these excess free radicals. But not everyone’s immunity is the same. They might need external supplementation in the form of antioxidants. Though some natural foods like pecans have antioxidants in them, you might not be consuming those on a daily basis. Hence, you need an antioxidant that gives a good energy boost.

free radicals, C60What Is C60?

Scientists discovered C60 in 1985, which is also famous as buckminster fullerene. Since then, it has been in many studies for its potential applications in multiple fields. Especially in the medical arena, it has been making waves. Still, there is so much to learn about its amazing advantages.

C60 is made up of 60 carbon atoms in the shape of a hollow soccer ball. Its many antioxidant properties and unique architecture fascinate researchers worldwide.

free radicals, C60

C60 Fights Back Against Free Radicals

C60 has so many electrons to spare, that people who have used it have called it the world’s best free radical scavenger.

It may be beneficial to patients suffering from chronic inflammatory processes. Also, patients claim their muscle aches, stress, cramps, fatigue and other issues have lessened when taking C60 regularly.

“When you take C60 regularly, you see positive changes in your body.”

C60 antioxidant may help you lose stubborn fat.  It doesn’t mean C60 magically removes excess weight, but it may bring in positive changes. You may feel more energetic, stronger, and have more stamina. Increased strength improves your ability to work out more. Therefore, the more you move, the more you lose.

Also, you cannot take C60 in its purest form; instead use C60 olive oil. It contains many antioxidant properties. In a recent study, scientists found the potential of C60 olive oil in extending the lifespan of rats.  Famously, it is associated as being a modern-day “Fountain of Youth.”

Fight Free Radicals, Get Stronger and Healthier with C60 from SES Research

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free radicals, C60

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