Future Potential of C60 Fullerene in the World Market

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By Robert Wong

Robert Wong is the co-owner of SES Research, alongside Christopher Burres. SES Research is located in Houston, TX.

Prospects of C60 Fullerene in the Global Market

The future potential of C60 fullerene in the world market holds considerable promise, driven by its unique properties and versatility across various industries. Here are several factors contributing to its anticipated growth:

  1. Materials Science and Nanotechnology Advancements: C60 is at the forefront of materials science and nanotechnology, offering opportunities for the development of innovative materials with enhanced properties. Its structural stability and conductive characteristics make it valuable for applications in electronics, coatings, and advanced materials.

  2. Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications: Ongoing research suggests potential applications of C60 in medicine, ranging from drug delivery systems to diagnostic imaging. Its antioxidant properties may open new avenues in addressing oxidative stress-related health issues. As scientific understanding deepens, C60 may become a key player in the pharmaceutical industry.

  3. Energy Storage and Conversion: C60’s electrical conductivity makes it a candidate for advancements in energy storage and conversion technologies. Its unique structure and ability to conduct electricity have sparked interest in developing high-performance batteries, supercapacitors, and other energy-related applications.

  4. Environmental and Sustainable Solutions: C60’s stability and ability to interact with various substances position it as a potential player in environmental and sustainable solutions. Applications such as water purification, pollution remediation, and sustainable energy technologies could benefit from C60’s unique properties.

  5. Consumer Products and Wellness Industry: As the understanding of C60’s potential health benefits grows, it may find a place in the wellness industry. C60 supplements, particularly those formulated with carrier oils like olive oil, could become sought-after holistic health products, appealing to consumers looking for natural and preventive healthcare solutions.

  6. Global Research Collaborations: Ongoing international collaborations and research initiatives continue to expand our knowledge of C60’s properties and potential applications. This collective effort is likely to accelerate the development of new technologies and applications, contributing to the growth of the C60 market on a global scale.

  7. Investment and Commercialization: Increasing interest from investors and companies in the development and commercialization of C60-based products indicates a growing market presence. As research progresses and applications become more refined, C60 is poised to attract further investments and partnerships.

While the future potential of C60 in the world market looks promising, it’s essential to note that its widespread adoption will depend on continued research, regulatory considerations, and successful commercialization efforts. As industries and consumers alike recognize the value of C60, it is likely to play an increasingly significant role in shaping various sectors of the global market.


Many diseases are due to excessive free radical production in the human body.

Free radicals, as we know it, are ‘bad guys’ that veer off from their respective molecules, leading to many ailments.

That’s where C60 acts as a “free radical sponge” reliving your pain or discomfort with its powerful antioxidant properties.

With a growing number of people vouching for the incredible healing powers of C60, there is plenty of positive evidence, particularly in the case of degenerative arthritis.

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One of the biggest accomplishments for C60 is that now, the whole world started to notice and invest in its hidden potential in various fields.

Where Does C60 Come from

Although C60 or ESS60 is a Carbon derivative formulated in the lab, the fact that C60 is a vegan product may surprise you.

C60 Supplement Bottle

 At SES Research, ESS60 in olive oil comes from a high grade of extra virgin olive oil extracted from Organic Koroneiki Olives.


The discovery of C60, also known as Buckyballs or fullerene dates back to almost 40 years. C60 is available in plenty in nature with unique and diverse compounds of carbon having a broad range of biological properties. Every living tissue consists of carbon, right down to proteins and DNA. However, the health effects it has on the human body were uncovered by healthcare professionals only recently.

C60 atom is in the shape of a soccer ball that resembles five hexagons around one pentagon. Scientists described these atoms as having antioxidant strength. Free radicals induce oxidative stress that results in the inflammation of muscles and joints. The stress leads to chronic pain of arthritis, which Carbon ESS60 supplement is adept in reducing.

“C60 has powerful antioxidant properties and acts as a free radical sponge.”

Potential of C60 in the World Fullerene Market

The global fullerene market mainly comprises of C60, C70, and others.

The Carbon C60 market is a high-profit industry, where high-technology research is conducted. C60 possesses thermal stability and high oxidative properties. It is being widely used in cosmetics, medical, pharmaceuticals, and additives sector.

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The Forecast

The global market report estimates a rise in demand for C60 fullerenes during 2019-2024. Applications include the following industries:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Additives
  • Renewable Energy
  • High-performance lubricants
  • Semiconductor and Electronics
  • Cytoprotecting, and more

C60 Applications – Current and Future


Carbon 60 powder is a water-soluble ingredient used in cosmetics. It helps prevent skin damage, signs of premature aging, hair loss, and more.


C60 fullerene derivatives have grabbed attention as potential antiviral agents. C60 may possess the ability to suppress certain virus strains like HIV.


C60 derivatives can help create high-performance lubricants during the forecast period.

Renewable Energy

Currently, the making of specific solar cells uses fullerene derivatives with high efficiencies. There is a rise in demand expected for C60 and its derivatives in the sector of renewable sources of energy.

“ESS60 from SES Research is a vegan supplement that boosts mental ability.”

Carbon ESS60 Benefits

C60 can not only help you get fitter and healthier, but it can also be beneficial to your pets. Carbon ESS60 supplement is a nootropic that

  • Improves your brain function
  • Enhances your mood
  • Elevates your energy levels
  • Fights free radicals
  • Extends your lifespan
  • Make you more physically active
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Increases your quality of sleep
  • Relieves you from muscular dystrophy

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