How to Take C60 in Olive Oil and Find the Right Dosage/Serving Size

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By Chris Burres

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Many people take Carbon 60 supplements for the various benefits the product offers. C60 is usually sold in olive oil and we recommend our olive oil products for two reasons.  First, as a research-based organization, we recommend you use the product with the most peer-reviewed research that product is our olive oil product.  Secondly, if you are looking for the benefits of C60 then you want the oil with the highest concentration of C60, and that oil is olive oil.  If you’re wondering how to take C60 in olive oil, this guide will help.

How To Take C60 in Olive OilESS60 C60 in Olive Oil

There are various ways you can take Nootropic Supplements, such as C60 in olive oil.

1. Topical Application

If you are using C60 in olive oil as a skincare product to combat the signs of aging, you may want to apply it directly to your skin. Clean your skin with a mild cleanser and apply the Carbon 60 product in small circular motions.

2. Oral Spray

Oral sprays have the benefit of being one of the fastest absorbing methods for taking C60 in olive oil. When you use a spray, the network of blood vessels on the underside of your tongue increases the molecule’s absorption. This is not a recommended way to consume C60 in Olive Oil.  It is well known that order to get appropriate quantities of C60 the serving size required far exceeds what could possibly be consumed via oral spray.

3. Cooking

You can substitute olive oil products with C60 for your regular cooking oil. C60 molecules do not break down in intense heat, so using the product in cooking will not degrade its effectiveness. You can also use C60 in olive oil in smoothies, salad dressings, stir-fries, soups, and sauces, or even mix it in your morning coffee.  Since this product has a price point that is on the high end it is not recommended to cook with, since the cooking process would be prone to waste.

4. Oral Ingestion [Most Effective]

By far the most effective, most used, and most recommended way to consume C60 is by oral ingestion.  The typical serving size is 1 teaspoon (5 ml).  Whether you take it on a spoon, with a medicinal measuring cup or drink it straight from the bottle, like many, this is the best way to get the full serving.  This is also significantly better if you, like many consumers of C60, wish to take more than the recommended serving size.

Can I Just Put a Drop on My Tongue?

Yes, you can put drops on your tongue and even hold those drops under your tongue (sublingual) in order to experience some fast adsorption.  It is important to note that in order to consume the recommended serving size you will need to consume approximately 140 drops.

Do I Need To Take the Product With Food?

Olive oil is a food, so there is no need to take C60 in olive oil with additional food, though some do take the product with bread or other foods. If you have a sensitive stomach, drinking citrus juice simultaneously may aid digestion. Customers who do not enjoy the taste of olive oil sometimes consume foods with or after taking the product to mask the taste.  Although just a simple sip of water can remove any unwanted taste.

How To Take C60 in Olive Oil at the Right Dosage

One of the most common questions people have about taking C60 in olive oil is the dosage. The usual recommended serving size is 5ml per day. This recommendation is primarily based on a toxicity study used to understand the safe exposure limit for humans. However, toxicity studies in mammals have found the product to be non-toxic at levels that are 40 times higher than this recommendation.

Many users report increased benefits from taking more than the recommended serving size. The ideal serving size varies depending on your body weight, the concentration of the product you are using, and how your body reacts. The high purity of SES Research products means that you usually will need to take less of it to achieve the same benefits versus lower purity supplements.

You can find a serving size calculator on the SES Research webpage. Our calculator is based on the Baati longevity paper using allometric scaling. This calculator will give you a recommended serving size based on your body weight in pounds or kilograms; however, because everyone’s body is different, it is still important to adjust the amount you take based on your body’s reaction.

Some users opt to take larger doses for the first four to eight weeks and then reduce their consumption to the recommended level after that. Others begin with smaller amounts and gradually increase it as their tolerance improves.

If you’re wondering how to take C60 in olive oil as a topical application, a few drops per day is the usual recommendation. Research suggests that light exposure can degrade Carbon 60; therefore, applying the product in the evening or only to skin covered by clothing may be prudent(note: there is conflicting research on this matter).

How To Take C60 in Olive Oil at the Best Time

One of the benefits of taking C60 in olive oil is increased energy. However, an energy boost late in the day when you’re getting ready for sleep may not be ideal. For this reason, we recommend taking the product as part of your morning routine. Additionally, research has shown that the liver usually functions best in the morning, which may help your body absorb Carbon 60.

Benefits of Carbon 60

SES Fine Grade C60 in Olive Oil

Carbon 60 provides a variety of benefits as a nootropic supplement and antioxidant.

Increased Productivity

One of the primary benefits of taking nootropics is increased productivity and stamina. You may experience both a burst of energy in the short term and a sustained increase in energy and focus throughout the day.

Better Skin

Some research out of Japan suggests that topical solutions of C60 can improve acne( It may also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin tone

More Restful Sleep


Some users report that taking a nootropic supplement reduces fatigue and helps them get more restful sleep. Participants in sleep studies have reported an increase in sleep quality, reduced time to fall asleep, less restlessness, and increased feeling well-rested when waking the next day when using Carbon 60 products. However, because C60 in olive oil can boost energy, we recommend taking it early in the day to avoid interfering with sleep.

Protection Against Free Radicals

The antioxidant properties of Carbon 60 may protect from free radicals. Free radicals can damage cells and cause signs of aging.

Improved Mental Resilience

Nootropics have been shown to help preserve memory, reduce stress, increase alertness and improve productivity. These gains can help you maintain a healthy psychological state. Testimonials for Carbon 60 suggest improvements in mood and wellbeing.

Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation in the body can cause various health issues, including joint pain and arthritis. Studies in rats have shown that C60 supplementation may help reduce inflammation and reduce the pain and swelling caused by inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis (  This content is for informational purposes only this research was done on Wistar rats and may not be applicable to humans.  The FDA has not evaluated our product and it is not intended to treat diagnose prevent or cure any disease.

Reduction of Neurological Symptoms

Nootropic supplements may reduce the pain associated with some neurological conditions, such as the numbness and tingling that occurs with neuropathy. C60 in olive oil has been identified as a nootropic.

Increased Longevity

Nootropics, such as C60, have been linked to increased longevity. C60 may reduce damage from free radicals and oxidative stress that cause cellular death and aging. It may also reduce damage to the protective caps on DNA, called telomeres.

Improved Athletic PerformanceRunning man powered by C60 supplements

Athletes who have taken C60 report that it improves motivation and training, resulting in enhanced athletic performance.

Length of Time Required To Notice Results

Some of our customers notice results as quickly as the same day of first consumption.  Others begin to notice benefits after one to three months of using our products.  However, if you take the product occasionally, instead of daily, it may take longer to see benefits.

How To Take C60 in Olive Oil for Pets

Pets, such as dogs and cats, may experience reduced symptoms and improvements when taking C60 in olive oil. Pets love the taste of our C60 in olive oil. Our product is made from restaurant-grade Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest purity; solvent-free, vacuum oven-baked and washed C60, packaged in medical-grade cobalt blue glass bottles to protect it from UV light. It is available in bacon flavor for dogs and salmon flavor for cats.

Side Effects of C60 in Olive Oil

There are no documented side effects; however, the product may affect different people in different ways, so if you experience any side effects, you may want to adjust your dosage. The olive oil can leave a peppery taste in the back of the throat that some users find unpleasant. You can eliminate this effect by sipping water or eating small bread bites. Additionally, some people may experience stomach upset when consuming a full teaspoon of olive oil. If you have this issue, consider taking multiple smaller doses.

Best Way To Store C60 in Olive Oil

Most olive oil has a shelf life of about three years. The best by date on our Carbon 60 products is one year from the date of bottling. However, C60 in olive oil that is stored in a cool, dark place may still be good after that date. Avoid refrigerating the product because this can cause the oil to turn cloudy.

Where To Purchase C60 in Olive Oil

C60 that has been improperly processed can be harmful. SES Research products are pure and high quality. We have been provided fullerenes to research institutions worldwide since 1991. We provided the C60 to the Baati study which was the original study to show our product extended the life of test subjects, Wistar rats, by 90%.  We manufacture many of the Carbon 60 products sold by competitors. Contact us online if you want to get your C60 straight from the source or get more information about taking C60 in olive oil.

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