Modern Guide to Holistic Health

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By Chris Burres

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Methods of holistic health have worldwide acceptance today. For a long time, people believed that being healthy means not getting sick, but this idea only considers physical and mental health. On the other hand, holistic ways of well-being aim for a happy and vibrant life.

They work in combination with existing healthcare models. Though the methods are old, the modern generation has accepted them. One such way is to include supplements like C60 supplements in their food intake.

Read on to learn how you can improve yourself with this holistic health guide.

holistic health, C60 supplement

What Is Holistic Health?

holistic health, C60 supplement

When people hear “holistic,” they may picture a far-off place. In reality, holistic health is utilized all over the world. Holistic simply means that the methods find a person’s overall health the most important.

The holistic approach believes that there is a connection between everything in nature. There is a bond among air, water, plants, and animals. In the same way, your health depends on your physical and spiritual well-being.

For instance, a person may get headaches or panic attacks if they’re anxious. The cells in your brain controls mood, sleep, and pain use a chemical called serotonin to send messages to each other. When people get migraines, these cells get much more active than normal. These are physiological symptoms may also make you sleep deprived or cause excessive weight gain. You can use C60 olive oil to lose weight in a holistic way.

These methods say that there is always scope for health improvement. Holistic cures get rid of ailments by focusing on the patient himself.

Instead of targeting the symptoms, think about how you treat the patient. It is important to realize that you need to make changes in diet and physical activities.

“Many US medical schools and colleges are offering courses in holistic medicine.”

Most Effective Holistic Techniques

People around the world have been using holistic methods for many years. These are not exclusive to a single part of the world. China, India and Greece have been practicing unique healing methods. Here are the most popular methods of holistic medicine:


This is a traditional Chinese treatment in which the practitioner inserts sharp needles into the patient’s body. This stimulates nerve endings. These specific piercing points are said to have connections to various organs. Vital energy flows throughout the body from these points.

Lower back pain and headaches are the most common problems claimed to be cured by acupuncture.

Massage Therapy

Popular techniques are Swedish massages and shiatsu. They involve deep tissue stroking on the body and muscles. Spa treatments also offer massage therapy. Massages can cure tension headaches, joint pains, and other ailments. They also act as mood boosters and can help soothe depression.


This method uses aromatic oils to treat your symptoms. The process helps to stimulate the person’s sense of smell. These oils come from plant based compounds. They have antiviral, antifungal and antioxidant properties. They have the ability to enhance a person’s health and mood. You can inhale these oils, apply them on skin or use in massages. You can use this to treat breathing problems and reduce blood pressure.

Dietary Supplements

Most of the foods we consume today are full of pesticides. Moreover, they don’t have all the nutrients we need. Hence, taking supplements with our food has become common. Probiotics, vitamins and antioxidants are present in these dietary supplements. C60 supplements have anti-aging properties that report to help you live longer. The most effective of these supplements contain fish oil and vitamin D in them.

holistic health, C60 supplement


A chiropractic practitioner makes “adjustments” to the patient’s body parts. These corrections can fix the joint pains and issues in your bones. Body stiffness, asthma, insomnia and other pain-related problems can disappear with chiropractic treatments.

Yoga and Meditationholistic health, C60 supplement

Yoga involves exercises and stretches to make your body more flexible. Connecting with your inner self is also very important in yoga. The same goes for meditation.

India, China and Japan have been practicing different methods of meditation for ages. Countries like the US and Europe now encourage yoga right from childhood. This is because they understand the benefits of introducing yoga to children at a young age.

Are These Holistic Health Treatments Safe?

Always consult a professional before you start the treatment. At the same time, don’t doubt newer methods. Talk to your doctor about adding these techniques to your regular treatment.

holistic health, C60 supplementHow C60 Supplements Can Help You

C60 fullerene is an antioxidant which has the ability to cure various illnesses. People who take C60 supplements claim that it prevents premature aging and increases stamina. In a recent study, C60 extended the lifespan of rats.

Olive oil with C60 fullerene can reduce inflammation in your joints. People who have used it have seen to suppress the growth of rheumatoid arthritis cells. Add C60 olive oil to your daily food intake to get more health benefits.

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holistic health, C60 supplement

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