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By <a href="" target="_self">Chris Burres</a>

By Chris Burres

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Many vegans have different views on whether to take vegan supplements or not. The main concern with such a diet is that it may not be able to provide you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Veganism as a practice refrains from consuming meat, poultry, fish, or animal by-products. They also stay away from dairy products, eggs, or foods derived from animals.

As a result, all nutrients for a healthy and balanced diet may not be present. These deficiencies, in turn, may lead to other issues like fatigue or inflammation. 

Hence, it is recommended to take C60 supplements and other nutritional supplements. 

Let’s read on to understand the top supplements needed for a vegan diet:

vegan supplements, C60 supplements

1. C60 Supplements

vegan supplements, C60 supplements

Your body produces free radicals as a result of a change in lifestyle, stress, or age-related issues.

Antioxidants are substances that protect your cells from these excess free radicals to keep you healthy.

C60 supplements are full of antioxidants that are suitable for a vegan diet, as they are derived from organic extra virgin olive oil. Other benefits of consuming C60 include:

  • It may help you lose stubborn fat
  • You may feel more energetic, stronger, and have more stamina
  • Increased strength improves your ability to work out more
  • Your sleeping patterns may improve

“C60 can help fight signs of premature aging, fatigue, and improve stamina.”

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps enhance your immune function and improves memory and muscle recovery. It is something which you can also get outside of your diet.

For example, standing for 15 minutes in the sun daily can supply you with the required dosage of vitamin D. However, this might not be possible in the wintertime.

Vitamin D is present in foods like red meat, liver, cereals, and fortified fat spreads. Since there are very few foods that contain vitamin D naturally, vitamin D fortified foods cannot wholly satisfy the nutritional requirements of vegans.

3. Vitamin B12

vegan supplements, C60 supplements

You can find vitamin B12 in animal products, fortified foods, soy, and nutritional yeast products. Only a few plant foods are rich in vitamin B12, and studies indicate that vegans have a higher risk of B12 deficiency compared to others.

Especially if they are not taking supplements, a lack of vitamin B12 can affect protein metabolism and the health of the nervous system. Vitamin B12 is also vital in preventing bone disease and heart disease.

4. Omega-3

You can find Omega-3 fatty acids in two categories: essential omega-3 and long-chain. They both are crucial for brain development, and they help prevent inflammation, and depression.

You can get these essential acids from your plant diet through chia seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts, and soybeans, but long-chain omega-3 fatty acids are mostly available in animal products.

It’s a good idea to take Omega-3 supplements if you’re not consuming them naturally.

“Relieve inflammation and speed up your recovery with C60.”

5. Iron

Iron plays a significant role in making new red blood cells and DNA. As it carries oxygen to different parts of the body, iron deficiency can lead to anemia, fatigue, and decreased immunity.

Foods high in iron include beans, peas, cruciferous vegetables (leafy greens such as cauliflower, cabbage, garden cress, bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts), dried fruit, and nuts. Additionally, cooking in cast-iron pans to cook also helps increase iron absorption. In fact, the greater the acidity of the food eg: tomatoes and the longer you cook it, the more iron is transferred to the food.

Before taking any vegan supplements, you should speak with your doctor. This checkup is because unnecessary supplementation intake does more harm than good.

vegan supplements, C60 supplements

6. Iodine

Healthy Diet Salad - SES Research Inc.

Iodine is crucial for mental health, proper thyroid function, and during pregnancy. Low energy levels, tingling in limbs, dry skin, depression, forgetfulness, and weight gain are a few signs of hypothyroidism.

One way of increasing your iodine intake is to add iodized salt or seaweed to your diet. Since most vegans prefer not to consume these, they have to take vegan iodine supplements.

7. Calcium

Calcium is necessary for healthy bones, teeth, muscle function, and heart health.

You can find it in many plant sources like kale, broccoli, chickpeas, turnip greens, and calcium-set tofu.

However, many studies show that most vegans don’t get sufficient calcium. Hence, they should take calcium supplements for their skeletal health.

8. Zinc

Insufficient zinc levels in your body can lead to hair loss, diarrhea, decreased metabolism, developmental problems, and delayed wound healing. It is especially needed for lactating and pregnant women.

Consuming zinc-rich foods like whole grains, legumes, tofu, nuts, and seeds can help a lot. Zinc deficiency can also be taking zinc supplements daily.

“Fight off free radicals with C60 supplements and improve your health.”

9. Vitamin K2

Nuts for Selenium, vegan supplements, C60 supplements - SES Research Inc.

While Vitamin K1 is present in green, leafy vegetables and other plant foods, K2 is harder to obtain. Your body derives it from K1, and it is present in dairy products, eggs, and some fermented foods.

Vitamin K2 is crucial in reducing bone loss and risk of hip fractures. However, our bodies cannot absorb the sufficient K2 vitamins we tend to age. Hence, K2 supplements are advisable.

10. Selenium

Selenium is also a potent antioxidant like C60 supplements. It can prevent cell damage by fighting free radicals.

Its deficiency might lead to thyroid disorders. However, excess consumption of selenium will be toxic, so make sure you don’t take too much.

Brazil nuts, beans, and white rice are good sources of selenium. Although selenium is naturally available in a balanced vegan diet, its levels depend on the soil in which the plants grow.

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vegan supplements, C60 supplements

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