Top 8 Holistic Health Tips

by | May 14, 2023 | Health and Wellness

By <a href="" target="_self">Chris Burres</a>

By Chris Burres

c60 Researcher, Engineer, Inventor and Co-Founder of SES Research Inc, EST 1991.

Holistic health is not limited to eating right or getting enough exercise. Being healthy is so much more than just trying to keep your body moving.

The American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) describes it this way:

“Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body, this ancient approach to health considers the whole person and how he or she interacts with his or her environment. It emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit.”

Here are the top 8 ways to achieve holistic health.

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1. Be Well Rested by Getting Sufficient Shut Eyeholistic health, C60 supplement

Being well rested features as the top most tip for your health. Getting lesser time to sleep than the standard 6 hours can mess up your whole day. You feel tired all the time and cannot give your work the full attention it needs.

In contrast, having too much time set aside for sleep makes you lazy. You feel drowsy and lose interest in everything, as all you wish is for more sleep.

Also by not getting the required amount of shut eye can make you cranky and disrupt your health. But you can fix this problem in a completely holistic way. There are many tips you can follow to get rid of sleep deprivation. For example, C60 in olive oil can help you get a good night’s sleep.

holistic health, C60 supplement2. Keep Your Environment Free of Toxins

We intake many harmful chemicals on a regular basis. The air, water and our surroundings are full of pollutants. Moreover, the vegetables or fruits we eat are filled with pesticides on the outer layers. To avoid the same, try to find organic products for your consumption. Meanwhile, at home, you can grow herbs and spices in your kitchen garden to have a holistic diet.

Next, give due importance to cleanliness. Keeping the environment neat and tidy can make your mind feel peaceful. It is somewhat therapeutic and has meditative effect. It is important to realize the damage we are doing to the environment. Use public transport or car pooling services to cut back your carbon footprint.

Furthermore, you can dig into your stuff and get rid of old, unused things. Extra benefit is that you get physical exercise, even though you are not seeking workouts.

3. Improve Your Fitness with C60 Supplementholistic health, C60 supplement

In order to get your body in the active mode, it is important that you stay alert. Engage in more physical activities or join a gym. Start with smaller and less intense workouts like brisk walking.

In the same fashion, if you are already exercising, get a boost of energy with C60 in olive oil. C60 increases your stamina and keeps you from feeling wiped out after your workouts. If you are prone to feeling fatigue and restlessness, C60 can combat your issues.

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holistic health, C60 supplement

4. Enjoy the Process in Everything You Do

Many of us start a new routine because we need to, not because we want to make changes willingly. To put it in another way, this is why you don’t see the desired results you were hoping to achieve.

Rather than blindly forming new habits, understand the intention behind it. Step by step, journal your progress and enjoy this process. Learn from your mistakes. They say that laughter is the best medicine, so indulge in some “me time” and have fun. The happy hormones, serotonin and dopamine, are important for mental health.

5. Remain Stress-free for the Holistic Health of Your Mindholistic health, C60 supplement

Stress has an adverse effect on your health. Your immunity and physical wellness are also affected. Don’t work yourself up over deadlines, and follow efficient time management techniques. Stay away from unnecessary confrontations, and instead opt only for healthy debates.

Spending time with children, pets or connecting with nature can relax you, too. Sign up for yoga lessons or learn meditation methods from a spiritual teacher. Don’t let negative feelings like envy reach you.

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6. Consume Nutrient-Rich Foods

Having a balanced diet is an important aspect of your health. If something is lacking from your intake, you will not get the necessary nutrients for your body. In such a case, have food cravings at anytime of the day. For a healthy metabolism and to maintain the proper BMI, you need to consume nutrient rich diet.

70% of the entire immune system depends on gut health.

Include a lot of fiber in your diet, as this is important to keep your digestive system healthy. Lemon water has the ability to heal the inflammation caused by processed food or gluten. Eat foods that increase the probiotic bacteria in your gut.

7. Take Good Care of Your Skinholistic health, C60 supplement

You’re eyes, hair and skin can reveal if your are healthy or not. Just as your inner health reflects in your looks, the converse also holds true. Drink a lot of water to keep your skin looking supple. Put on sunscreen when going for a swim or venturing into harsh sunlight.

Your skin needs to stay hydrated and moisturized. Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells. Otherwise, your body starts to age prematurely. Consume lots of fresh fruits and leafy greens. Likewise, consuming olive oil with C60 helps you stay young and has been reported to provide anti-aging benefits.

You can also extend your life and be youthful with C60. In a recent study, C60 was given to rats for 8 weeks to find its effects on their lifespan. In the final analysis, C60 olive oil was found to extend longevity in rats.

holistic health, C60 supplement8. Listen to Your Body

Our body sends us the most subtle signals and we can benefit hugely from those, if only we pay attention. All of a sudden, your body might behave strangely- maybe you are yawning a lot or your gut feels weird. You might dismiss them as temporary symptoms, but notice if they are recurring. Maybe you have overworked yourself, or ate something that doesn’t sit well.

Digestive ailments and issues with metabolism can be first seen through such symptoms. It is better to tackle them sooner than later. Use C60 olive oil to keep your body youthful and energetic.

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