What Are Free Radicals?

by | Jan 10, 2023 | Carbon 60, Health and Wellness

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By Chris Burres

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You might have come across the phrase “fights free radicals” in every other health product you buy. If you are into fitness and follow newest fads, you know what free radicals are and why they are toxic. In case you don’t realize how they could affect your body, it is time to take note. Read on below to know the right way to eliminate free radicals and stay healthy.

free radicalsFree Radicals – An Enemy of Immunity

Everything in the human body is made up of atoms. In turn, these atoms contain 3 things: electrons, protons and neutrons.

  • Electrons – Negatively charged
  • Protons – Positively charged
  • Neutrons – Neutrally charged

They stay in equilibrium state for the most part (i.e., they spin properly in their assigned shells). Again, these cells remain in circular paths around the center of the atom. However, there are some atoms in which the electrons stray from this path. These electrons are the free radicals that cause imbalances at the cellular level.

How Do Free Radicals Form?

In your body, chemical reactions cause the creation of free radicals. These can be due to environmental factors, lifestyle changes, or other things. Without delay, these free radicals start attacking your cells. Though not all free radicals are bad, it could result in oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when oxygen splits up into highly reactive free radicals. Oxidation damage might cause cardiac problems, respiratory diseases and decreased immunity. This could cause premature aging and illnesses.

Oxidative stress can lead to illness and premature aging.

The symptoms of oxidative stress include:

  • memory loss
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • joint pains

It can also lead to ulcers, age-related issues, and diseases like arthritis or Parkinson’s. In order to fight these free radicals, your body produces antioxidants.

Antioxidants Fight Free Radicals

While your body can generate some antioxidants on its own, they might not be enough to boost immunity. Hence, you might need to take external supplements.

“Your overall well-being is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual health.”

There are holistic ways you can fight these free radicals and get healthier. However, taking antioxidants in combination with your dietary intake is the best way to go. These can reduce inflammation of the joints and repair any tissue damage. Antioxidants are available in plentiful amounts in nature. Be that as it may, many people who think they eat healthy may not actually consume a balanced diet. Nuts, broccoli, spinach, and berries are some foods that contain antioxidants. But it won’t be possible to take them daily. For this reason, you need to add antioxidant supplements to your diet. One of the antioxidant supplements that has been reported to work wonders for your health is C60 in olive oil.

Benefits of C60 SupplementC60, oxidative stress, free radicals

C60 contains more antioxidant properties, when compared to olive oil or green tea. Many have said they felt the change within a short time after taking C60. Others have mentioned feeling more energized and youthful. When you have an intense workout or exert yourself physically, you feel tired. This is because of free radicals and oxidative stress. In addition, taking C60 helps you deal with fatigue and strengthens your muscles.

“Being tired all the time is no excuse – make the necessary changes in your lifestyle.”

Furthermore, C60 increases your ability to lose weight, which might be caused by your sedentary habits. When your body can move more than before, it adds physical activity to your daily life. This, in turn, can help you with irregular sleeping patterns.

Potential of C60 to Increase Lifespan c60, antioxidant, Free Radicals

In a study on the longevity of rats, C60 showed the potential to double their lifespan. Although there is a lot of scope for future research, C60 may actually lessen the effects of pro-inflammatory diseases. It is also reported to have the ability to suppress antiviral activities in the human body. Even young children feel drowsy and experience fatigue due to environmental factors. Taking C60 from a small age can prevent major issues later in their lives. When it comes to making good habits, it is never too early to start. Athletes might heal their sprains or injuries with C60. This is because antioxidants like C60 can speed up the recovery of muscle and skeletal fatigue.

Get Rid of Free Radicals and Regain Complete Health With C60 Supplement

Seeing as how C60 sounds so beneficial, it is better to start taking it immediately! If you want to know more about C60 olive oil and what additional benefits it gives, just click here. Don’t fall behind when the world around you is gearing up to be more health conscious. Lose the free radicals and get fit today! Call 713-686-9662 now to order C60 supplement. What Are Free Radicals? | SES Research – Houston, TX