What Foods Have The Highest Amount of Antioxidants?

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By Chris Burres

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A nutritious and well-rounded diet can improve your health and quality of life. While you can’t go wrong with most fruits, vegetables, and other natural choices, some foods contain significantly higher levels of antioxidants, which have a unique set of wellness benefits. It can be difficult to consume enough of these foods to make an impact on your health. That’s where C60 supplements come in. Still, you can also choose to add more antioxidant-rich foods to each meal so you can enjoy more of the perks that come with them.

What Are C60 Antioxidants?

The C60 or Carbon 60 molecule is a member of the carbon family. It has a cage-like structure and has proven to be an incredibly powerful antioxidant, significantly more so than those found in most foods. One typical antioxidant molecule will bind to one harmful molecule, known as a free radical, and then remove it from the body. However, because of C60‘s unique shape, it can collect numerous free radicals before exiting the body, making it far more effective than many other food-based antioxidants.

Which Foods Contain the Highest Levels of Antioxidants?

Even though a C60 supplement may be the most efficient way to introduce high levels of helpful antioxidants into your body, you should still try to consume foods with some of the highest known levels per serving. These levels are measured in millimoles (one-thousandth of a mole).


Dark Chocolate

With a whopping 15 mmol of antioxidants per 3.5 ounces, dark chocolate surpasses most other foods for antioxidant density. As a bonus, it’s a particularly decadent and tasty way to improve your health. Still, it should be enjoyed in moderation, as one serving a day is plenty. Be sure to choose a quality product with higher cocoa levels and avoid milk chocolate since this doesn’t contain the same healthy ingredients.


Next on the list are pecans, which measure 10.6 mmol per 3.5 ounces. These nuts are a great snack to satisfy your crunchy cravings but should be limited due to fat and potentially high sodium content. Pecans should be roasted to enjoy the best flavor but be sure to watch them carefully, as their high-fat levels make them burn quickly if you’re not vigilant. It’s also a good idea to store them in the freezer to prevent the natural oils from going rancid.


A superfood popular among all ages is blueberries, which measures 9.2 mmol per 3.5 ounces. This is an excellent choice for boosting antioxidant levels since it’s packed with lots of other nutrients too, like fiber, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. It’s also a low-calorie food, so you can snack to your heart’s content.



The artichoke measures 4.7 mmol per 3.5 ounces. It is particularly high in a specific type of antioxidant known as chlorogenic acid, which may help reduce the risk of heart disease, certain autoimmune diseases, and cancers. How you prepare this vegetable matters. Steaming it can raise antioxidant levels by as much as 15 times! However, frying it can significantly reduce its natural antioxidant levels.

How Can a C60 Supplement Improve Overall Health?

Filling your plate with these nutritious menu items is a great way to boost your body’s antioxidant levels. However, a Carbon 60 supplement contains even higher concentrated amounts of more powerful antioxidants so you can enjoy the most health benefits. People who consume more antioxidants can experience a host of positive changes, including:

  • Less pain and inflammation
  • A stronger immune system
  • More focus and improved brain function
  • Stronger bones and healthier joints
  • Increased male fertility

Some studies have even shown that these powerful molecules may even help you live a longer life.

What’s the Best Way to Add a C60 Product to Your Diet?

At SES Research, we offer a variety of supplement options to meet your preferences and needs. There are numerous ways to enjoy our high-quality, antioxidant-rich C60 supplements. You can choose a powder form that mixes easily into your drinks or smoothies. You can also use a supplement made with olive oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil for an extra dose of healthy fats. It’s very important to note that some forms of unprocessed C60 can be harmful. However, you can rest assured that our expertly processed products are not only safe but good for your health. Contact us today to learn more about the miraculous properties of this incredible molecule and our antioxidant-rich supplements.


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