What’s a Saturation Bottle?

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By <a href="https://www.sesres.com/author/chrisburres/" target="_self">Chris Burres</a>

By Chris Burres

c60 Researcher, Engineer, Inventor and Co-Founder of SES Research Inc, EST 1991.

You’ve been hearing good things about C60. Especially since your friend started taking it. They used to get winded going up a small flight of stairs, but now they can outpace you, leaving you gasping and coughing after one flight. But as you look into C60 further you realize something.

“Shouldn’t you be taking C60 exactly like the rats did in the study to get the best effect?” you ask. Your friend smiles and says, “Oh, I did.” Then they show you their saturation bottle.

Read on to learn more about the saturation bottle and how you can get amazing results like the subjects in the famous study.


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The rats in the study that got C60 in olive oil lived  90% longer than the rats that didn’t.


The Study


Saturation bottle, C60


The breakthrough study was done by Tarek Baati, Fanchon Bourasset, Najla Gharbi, Leila Njim, Manef Abderrabba, Abdelhamid Kerkeni, Henri Szwarc, and Fathi Moussa. It was published in 2012.


In the study, the researcher team bought C60 from SES Research to test its effects on Wistar rats.


The rats were acclimated for seven days prior to getting dosages of C60. In the beginning of the study, they were given large initial doses of C60, to boost its presence in their system. As time went on, the dosage went down and became more regular. In essence, they were preloaded with C60.


They each had their own cage. These cages were housed in an air-conditioned room. The rats had access to enough food and water.  Three groups of rats (6 in each group) were given C60 every day for 1 week, then weekly until the end of the second month. After that, they received C60 doses every 2 weeks until the end of the seventh month.


By now you’re probably well aware of the results. The rats in the study who got C60 in olive oil lived 90% longer than the rats who didn’t. So how can you, and all people who take C60, achieve similar results?


By taking an extra dose with a saturation bottle.


So, What is a Saturation Bottle?


A saturation bottle comes with your shipment of C60. In this amber bottle you’ll find more C60.


As you’ll note in the study mentioned above, the rats were given more C60 at the start of the study. The reason they did this was to get their bodies acclimated to C60. Once the rats’ bodies were used to handling the C60, their doses were lessened.  


While this process can seem complicated, there is a way for you to get similar results at home. How?

First, you’ll need to calculate how much C60 in olive oil is right for your body. To calculate your correct dosing, just head over to our Carbon 60 in olive oil calculator. Enter in your weight. You should see what your dose is in ml (usually around 5) and in teaspoons.

For your first month you’ll take a double dose of C60. The first dose would come from your saturation bottle and the second would come from your C60 in olive oil bottle. Then, during your second month, you’ll take a single dose only from your C60 in olive oil.



You can enjoy C60 in olive oil with Italian seasonings and bread or crumbled cheese and bread.


See it in Action


Saturation bottle, C60


Let’s suppose your weight is average, about 177 pounds. According to the dosage calculator, your C60 dose would be 5.25 ml or 1¼ teaspoons.


For the first month, your total dose of C60 products should be 10.5 ml or 2½ teaspoons. You’ll split the total amount between the saturation bottle and the C60 in olive oil bottle.

Then, during your second month (and every month after) of taking C60 you’ll only take 5.25 ml or 1¼ teaspoons.  This dose is called your maintenance dose because it’s what we recommend you take from the second month on.


Ways to Enjoy C60


Saturation bottle, C60


As you may have heard, many take C60 to help them work out better. However, C60 doesn’t have to be taken right before you work out. It can be taken any time of day. You could take it right as you wake up to jump start your day, or you could take it during lunch.


One fun way to enjoy it is with bread and Italian seasoning. Here is what you do. Take your dose of C60 and olive oil and drizzle it over a small plate. Then, shake some Italian seasoning (such as Mrs. Dash Italian Season) on top and sop up the goodness with your favorite bread.

If you’re not a fan of Italian seasoning, you can crumble your favorite cheese on top, like feta or smoked seaside cheddar. Just be sure to sop up your whole dose.


Are You Ready to Feel Better and be Healthier?


If you’re looking for a quick boost and a better, healthier life, try taking Carbon 60 in olive oil today. Many say C60’s antioxidant properties make their usual workout routines easier to complete and leave them less winded at the end.


To learn more about what C60 can do, call 713-686-9662 or click here.



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