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How much C60 should I take?

How much C60 should I take?

One of our frequently asked questions is “how much carbon 60 should I take”. Watch this video where Chris Burres one of the owners of SES Research explains how much you should take is dependent on if you have saturated your body with C60 or if you are still in the saturation process. Find the right amount of C60 for your body with our C60 dosage calculator. Read more about the benefits of C60.

Is C60 in olive oil an antioxidant? Is C60 in olive oil an anti-inflammatory?

C60 Anti-Inflammatory AntiOxidant

In the video Chris Burres answers this frequently asked question Is C60 in olive oil an antioxidant? Is C60 in olive oil an anti-inflammatory?  The answer to this question may also be the answer to why rats in the 2012 peer-reviewed publish Baati study lived 90% longer when given our product. What is an antioxidant? According to Wikipedia antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation.  Wikipedia. Watch this video to learn about fraud in the C60 industry. The FDA has Read More

C60 Fraud/Deception Continues

C60 Fraud/Deception Toxin Busters

So one of the things that we have noticed in the early C60 as a supplement market is the number of people who are deceiving and/or committing fraud. We ask are they deceiving themselves, maybe they do not know the truth, or are they just deceiving the customers. Either way the customer is loosing out. This video shows a product on the market that claims to have potentized C60. We don’t really know what that is but what this video Read More

C60 Helps With Cats, Too!

C60 Olive Oil for Cats

Another 5 Star Review for C60, from Sandy. She gave C60 to a good friend’s pet cat. Subsequently, she noted remarkable results in her 15 year old arthritic kitten, as well as a few benefits from taking the supplement herself. Read on to see the benefits that they had from using C60 Olive Oil supplement. Here is the text from her C60 Olive Oil testimonial: Was lucky to find this site. Visited a friend. The cat, George, is about 15 Read More

Curious About Nootropics? Turbocharge Your Wellness With These Smart Supplements

Noontropics like Carbon ESS60 for complete wellbeing

Carbon ESS60 is among one the increasingly popular nootropics or smart supplements on the market today that benefits brain function and related productivity. But how are these supplements really beneficial? We have dedicated this blog to the incredible health advantages you can gain from smart pills. Let’s read more Nootropics – The Origins Nootropics, or smart drugs, have become all the rage in fitness and health circles. However, these brain boosters are not new. While some substances are chemicals processed Read More

Nootropics: The Truth About Smart Drugs – And What They Can Do For You

Nootropics and Smart Drugs

Nootropics like Carbon ESS60, also known as smart drugs, help with enhancing your brain function. If you are new to this subject, check out our blog on nootropics that gives you an overview. However, in this blog, we will dig a little deeper and disclose the truth about nootropics. Read on below to find out more about smart drugs and what they do to your brain. Nootropics Are Brain Boosters Worldwide, nootropics are also known as miracle drugs. These are Read More

Does C60 work for Muscular Dystrophy?

c60 olive oil

Still curious about what role C60 Olive Oil supplement can play in your life? Well, here’s yet another positive review of what it has done for Mrs. Meneer, who suffers from Muscular Dystrophy. “Wow, this product is immense!! I can’t believe how fantastic it is, [C60] improved my Life in so many ways. I have increased energy and more motivation. I am able to do so much more on C60 Coconut/MCT Oil from Instead of feeling fatigued all day, Read More

The Best Supplements for Energy


Eating a well-balanced diet, enough sleep, and regular exercise are the best ways to maintain high energy levels. Fortunately, there are supplements that you can use to improve your energy levels. An example is Carbon 60, which has both energy boosting qualities and disease-fighting capabilities. However, these things may not always be possible due to the demands of life. Here are some of the best supplements for energy that you can use: Vitamin B12 In conjunction with other B vitamins, Read More

When should we take SES Research C60 in Olive Oil?

When should I take C60 in Oil

One of our frequently asked questions is When should we take SES Research C60 in Olive Oil? Watch this video by co-owner Chris Burres to find out. SES Research C60 (ECS60) in Olive Oil has been reported to give our customers energy. This begs the question of when should someone take the product. The debate on when to take a health supplement has been happening since the dawn of supplements. The Washington Post has a comprehensive article about this topic Read More

Does C60 Help Polymyalgia?

Omega Fish Oil Benefits for Skin

Our clients frequently tell us SES C60 in Olive Oil helps with the reduction of chronic pain. Dave Matthews tells us how his wife’s Polymyalgia is being helped with C60. She has noticed considerable benefit upon starting the regimen. Read about her experience below. Here is the text from Dave’s Google Review: We tried C60 to help with polymyalgia, which reared its ugly head when my wife was tapering off of Prednisone following spinal surgery. The doctor prescribed Methotrexate at Read More