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Is C60 Olive Oil the Modern Day Fountain of Youth?

Fountain of Youth

Life extension is what we care about. If you are one among many people who worry about deepening wrinkles or graying hair, there is some good news for you. Scientists have always been intrigued by the concept of life extension. Aging and its effects are indeed inevitable. Still, they conduct experiments to find new ways of slowing them down. Through these studies, scientists have found many positive results of C60 olive oil. For this reason, many believe that it is Read More

Can C60 Olive Oil Help You Live Longer?

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Life extension has been on your mind. Your doctor just gave you a clean bill of health at your checkup, but you want more. That’s when you recall your friend talking about C60 olive oil. “Could that help extend my life?” you wonder. If you want to know how C60 olive oil can help you live longer, read on. Are You Interested in Life Extension? Taking C60 olive oil can extend your life. More Than a Boost In our last C60 olive Read More

Can Antioxidants Help Me Lose Weight?

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Antioxidants are on your mind as you’re getting ready in for the day. You look in the mirror. You weight used to be a lot healthier. You used to be a lot healthier. But the moment you think about going to the gym you get tired all over again. “Can antioxidants help me lose weight?” you wonder. If you’ve been wanting to lose weight and want to know how antioxidants can help, read on to learn more. Get the Boost You Read More

Top 5 Holistic Sleep Aids

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You’ve just gotten off your long shift and you are dying to sleep. But you’re still awake after hours of lying in bed. As much as you want to, you can’t sleep. That’s when you start thinking about holistic sleep aids. “There’s got to be a natural way to help me sleep.” If you’ve been wanting better sleep, we have good news. Below we’re going to over the top 5 holistic sleep aids. Are You Ready for Quality Sleep? Melatonin Read More

Top 5 Holistic Cures for Arthritis

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Arthritis is a degenerative disease that causes severe joint pain and inflammation. Medications that your doctor prescribe may have some side-effects. These can be worse than the symptoms of the disease itself. If you’re experiencing symptoms, you might want to try a more holistic approach. Here are the top 5 holistic cures for arthritis: Hot and Cold Therapy This is one of the oldest and cheapest remedies. You can do this in the comfort of your home. Taking warm showers Read More

Who Should Take Antioxidants?


Free radicals are toxic byproducts of oxygen metabolism that can cause significant damage to living cells and tissues in a process called “oxidative stress.” At the single-cell level this damage is due to the chemical reactions of free radicals. Carbon 60, or C60, is one such antioxidant which protects you. Antioxidants provide bio-chemical substances that delay the oxidation process in your body and prevent cellular damage. What are Free Radicals? When the electrons of an atom spin away and become unstable, Read More

Protect Healthy Cells with C60

Protect Healthy Cells with C60

You’ve started a workout plan, and while you’re happy to be active again, you think you could be doing more for your health. That’s when a friend mentions the antioxidative properties of C60. “Can C60 and antioxidants help?” you think. If you’ve been wanting to improve your health beyond your workout routine, read on to see how C60 and its antioxidant properties can help you. Get a Workout Boost Today The Mighty Antioxidant As we have talked about before, antioxidants are pretty amazing Read More

What is C60?

Antioxidants, C60

You’ve just ended your first workout in years and you are wiped. As you try to catch your breath and check your pulse you notice your friend is not so winded. Why is that? Could it be the carbon 60 they took before we started? And just what is carbon 60 anyway? If you’ve always wanted to know more about what carbon 60 is, you’re in luck. Below we’re going to go over the history of carbon 60 and how its antioxidant Read More

How Antioxidants Prevent Aging

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You’re looking in the mirror getting ready for the day when you see it: another wrinkle. You try not to stress over it. It’s just another little line on your face. But as you examine your skin for more signs of aging you can’t help but wonder if antioxidants can stop them. “They are on pretty much every label these days,” you think. “Antioxidants must be doing something right for everyone to boast about them in their product.” It’s true. While naming Read More

What Is an Antioxidant?

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“Antioxidant” is a word you’ve probably seen a lot. Take a stroll down any aisle at Whole Foods and their labels can’t help but mention it. In fact, there is a good chance your favorite health or juice drink likes to refer to the word, too. But as you start to notice how prolific the word is, you wonder, “Just what is an antioxidant? Is it another health fad or do antioxidants really have benefits?” If you’ve always wondered about antioxidants Read More