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Does C60 Help Polymyalgia?

Omega Fish Oil Benefits for Skin

Our clients frequently tell us SES C60 in Olive Oil helps with the reduction of chronic pain. Dave Matthews tells us how his wife’s Polymyalgia is being helped with C60. She has noticed considerable benefit upon starting the regimen. Read about her experience below. Here is the text from Dave’s Google Review: We tried C60 to help with polymyalgia, which reared its ugly head when my wife was tapering off of Prednisone following spinal surgery. The doctor prescribed Methotrexate at Read More

C60 Pain Relief & Mood Enhancer

Knee Pain Treatment

Another satisfied client tells us about her positive experience with SES C60! Elaine initially began taking C60 for her chronic leg pain. In her Google review, she notes that this has been completely alleviated. She also boasts having decreased depression, heightened moods, and increased acuity. See review below: Here is the text from Elaine’s Google Review: I began taking C60 initially from a competitor not knowing they were most likely getting their product directly from SES Research. Within days, I Read More

C60 Pain Relief – SES Research Testimonial

Our clients tell us SES C60 in Olive Oil reduces pain. According to the NIH pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined so pain relief is something many are searching for. Check out the review Rebecca Iocca left for us on Google. It is of course 5 stars. Her review is below. Here is the text of Rebecca’s pain relief testimonial “Damn SES Research to hell! They actually have a product that works and I must Read More