The COSMOSIL 5C18-PAQ is the new member of our C18 column family already including the monomeric type MS-II, the polymeric type AR-II. This new column maintains stable retention time even in 100% aqueous mobile phases because the silica is only partially coated with C18 chains. The new polymeric linking style gives a strong acidic resistance to this column.

  • Stable retention time in 100% aqueous mobile phase
  • Good separation of hydrophilic compounds
  • Resistance for acidic mobil phase
  • Low carbon content controlled packing material
  • Polymeric type linked C18

The figure shows the change of retention time for Thymine with 100% aqueous mobile phase (20mmol/l phosphate buffer pH7). After analyzed 4 times (1 hour), flow of mobile phase were stopped for 1 hour, and then similarly analyzed again. The conventional C18 showed change of retention time, but COSMOSIL 5C18-PAQ mantained stable retention time.

high purity porous spherical silica
Average particle size
Average pore size
approx. 120Å
Specific surface area
approx. 300m2/g
Stationary phase
polymeric octadecyl group
End capping treatment
near-perfect treatment
Carbon content
approx. 11%

Cosmosil 5C18-PAQ Column

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