SES Research has specialty equipment manufacturing and low-cost proof of concept prototyping at its foundation. The early success of SES Research in the Fullerene manufacturing business is due in large part to the novel concepts and exacting standards used to design and build the Fullerene production machines.
In 1990 only a hand full of scientist were aware of the existence of Fullerenes. The design of a new process for producing macro-scopic quantities of these Fullerenes led to a boom in the research of Fullerenes. SES Research took this new process, refined and optimized the components and manufactured one of the first fullerene production machines.

Key specialty equipment SES has manufactured includes:

  • Drilling Pipe Inspection equipment and software
  • Horizontal, Drilling Mud Tester (lubricant)
  • Petroleum Down Hole Drilling Equipment

If you have a need for some Specialty Scientific Equipment please call or e-mail us to discuss your specific needs.

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