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    Mariana DeftaMariana Defta
    05:41 08 Sep 23
    Thank you, Jessy Escalante, for your clear and immediate response
    Renée CalpinRenée Calpin
    22:34 04 Sep 23
    SES Research Inc has created some amazing products that I have absolutely loved trying and using! My vital c focus & energy has helped me to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, and my concentration has improved. ESS60 has such awesome studies and results I'm so glad I found this company. Their face serum is also doing wonders for my facial skin, it's moisturizing and I haven't had any pimples since I started using it! I definitely recommend this company and their products!
    Daniel StanberryDaniel Stanberry
    17:24 28 Aug 23
    helped quickly and was clear in response. Thanks
    Todd WalkerTodd Walker
    15:54 22 Aug 23
    Breanna is great! Quick response and very helpful! Thanks!
    Javi HartenstineJavi Hartenstine
    20:31 20 Aug 23
    Ron Mc MahanRon Mc Mahan
    01:12 18 Aug 23
    The ablity to quickly answer and correct address problems is great. Most places get almost at the end of the week, which is to late the order was shipped and billed wrong. So thanks for your help.
    Frederic SesmaFrederic Sesma
    22:26 17 Aug 23
    Thank You for the fast response and resolve my subscription upgrade.
    Donny LDonny L
    16:45 04 Aug 23
    Calling the toll free number listed on the website of SES Research was an example of excellence. Speaking with Breanna was Amazing. Not only was I able to immediately get in touch with a real person. The entire experience was seem less. Breanna was wonderful. Full of enthusiasm and life. Obviously Brianne is taking the miracle molecule. Very knowledgeable, professional and most of all genuinely helpful. Thank you Breanna and the entire SES Research team.
    Luminita JordacheLuminita Jordache
    16:45 12 May 23
    very nice, friendly and competent advice, thank you for that, I will also buy from you in the future, I am very enthusiastic.The service I experienced was excellent Jessy tried very hard to send me the Carbon 60 order to Germany as quickly as possible I am very enthusiastic and I will be happy to order again in the future Greetings to Jessy. Until next time.
    19:25 09 May 23
    Breanna is amazing, knowledgeable and provides thoughtful customer service. She is truly committed to providing a great outcome of a bad situation. I have interacted with her to reorder and to help resolve missing orders. If I were her boss, she is the perfect example of the employee I would be looking to hire. Thank You Breanna for you excellent service and always having the customers back. SES is a great product and you have a great employee in Breanna.
    koko sorgenkoko sorgen
    15:14 03 May 23
    Been using C60 for months and the best benefit for myself is helping me to recover after workouts. It has helped my joints immensely. Also, great customer service! Received a bottle that had leaked and after contacting customer service with pictures and details, they are sending me a replacement.
    Mariella Del CoreMariella Del Core
    23:40 02 May 23
    Breanna in customer service was a great help. She was very friendly in helping me make some changes to my account in no time. Breanna also followed up with an email to reassure any further help. I love the communication process!
    DJ WilsonDJ Wilson
    20:17 30 Apr 23
    Amazing customer service and outstanding products. I contacted CS several times and Breanna answered all my questions about original C60 and Skin Reduo. Very helpful, patient and kind! Love this company.
    21:33 19 Apr 23
    I've used this product for a couple of yrs now and it's great I also put it in my face and it rejuvenates my skin. Best product for energy and over all organ health.
    01:06 14 Apr 23
    Breanna answered my email very quickly. She was super helpful, knowledgeable, polite, and answered all of my questions. I wish all customer service reps were more like her. I wasn't left with any further questions as she was very detailed in her response. Kudos to you Breanna!! You went above and beyond!! 🙂
    Carol HeinzCarol Heinz
    20:10 16 Mar 23
    I am 83 years old and have been taking C 60 for about 2 1/2 years. The doctor I see once a year for yearly Medicare checkup says “I am one in a hundred”. I have no physical ailments and take no medication. (Of course, he does not know about my taking C 60.) my eyesight has actually been improving rather than getting worse with age and I can do many physical activities that my friends who are many years younger cannot.(I also recommended your C 60 product to three of my friends, who are now your customers.)
    Ed YoungEd Young
    06:55 12 Feb 23
    Wonderful product and super customer service. Joanna in CS was a great help, first in answering my email, and then in answering my phone call. There are generous and flexible product buying options not always mentioned in SES advertising emails that really show what a quality company SES works hard to be.
    J GoJ Go
    20:08 03 Feb 23
    I have just recieved the product. I'm a cancer patient so I went with the higher quality olive oil. It does seem to have a decent amount of oleocanthal because it does have a peppery taste in the back of your throat. The taste is pleasant to me. For those who don't know, you only taste this upon swallowing.
    John TumeltyJohn Tumelty
    16:40 05 Dec 22
    SES has succeeded in delivering a top quality product at a great price point. Not easy. Thank you Joanna for your deft and quick response to my questions + curiosity. As awareness grows about the power of c60 so will your brand and offering. Thanks for what you do. Love you guys!
    04:54 02 Dec 22
    I had a customer service question. Joanna explained what the solution was, and that I was not entitled to what I thought that I was. She did an excellent job.ThanksP.S. I do not expect to always be right. I only expect professionalism, and politeness in any explanation. That is what I got. Excellent customer service.
    Jon DarceyJon Darcey
    05:14 30 Nov 22
    Outstanding customer service!Jessy is knowledgeable and finds the most cost effective solution to any queries I have.Apart from being the best product on the market it is matched by the best customer service.This is feedback for Breanna,I am astonished how the great customer service I received got even betterBreanna dealt brilliantly with a quite complex order. Hugely accomodating to my request.I'm not easily pleased but Breanna provided the best customer service I've ever received.Can't praise her enough. I know I'll receive exactly the same service again.
    Andrew BeyerAndrew Beyer
    20:52 23 Nov 22
    First of all, SES is the top manufacturer of c60 products. They have been researching and producing fullerenes for 30 years, which is longer than any company currently in business. Their products were used in the original study that demonstrated the longevity benefits of c60, and their products continue to be used as reference samples and controls in ongoing research about c60 and c60 oil products. I am healing from a poorly understood chronic illness for which the best treatment option is lifestyle changes and antioxidant therapy. C60 is now my antioxidant of choice because I can feel monumental system-wide changes after only a week of daily c60 use, and I often notice the benefits of this compound within seconds of ingesting it. C60 is a true wonder drug as far as I’m concerned, and SES Research is the best source. Do your own research and you will find that Chris and his team are doing it better than anyone else. Big thanks to Joanna for great customer service, and thanks SES RES for the medicine that is helping to turn my life around.
    Eva Tamez TreviñoEva Tamez Treviño
    01:15 16 Nov 22
    I've been taking it for almost two months. I feel less tired and my sleep has improved.I had a big stock and wanted to put on hold my account. Joanna from customer service was very helpful and courteous helping me with this issue.
    Bernard ChanBernard Chan
    21:35 05 Oct 22
    The C60 quality has been great and very well packaged. What was even more impressive and unexpected was the level of customer service (especially Breanna) - really prompt, patient and felt unscripted. Other companies take note, this is how you win long-term customers. One request, consider offering more no duty rate options (150ml and cases) up in Canada.
    Bob BradshawBob Bradshaw
    15:16 23 Sep 22
    I started taking C60 in 2018 and it's really helped me with my overall health, especially mental clarity, sleep and joint pain. I purchase my C60 from SES Research in Houston, TX
    Terri WilliamsTerri Williams
    16:14 28 Jul 22
    Jessy was very helpful in successfully creating for me a subscription for SES Carbon 60. He answered all my questions and was most friendly in doing so. I appreciate Jessy's help very much.
    gail rinngail rinn
    18:53 09 Jul 22
    The service I've received has been excellent. Jessie and others have responded to my voicemail and email with prompt attention and information. This is something that can be hard to get these days!
    Alex KelleyAlex Kelley
    02:35 27 Jun 22
    Taking ESS60 in oil. I am liking this stuff, I am highly active in yoga and personal fitness and think it has been helping with recovery and more! Tastes great and feels great.
    linda liguorelinda liguore
    17:47 23 Jun 22
    Joanna at SES customer service was awesome! I had purchased and tried C60 fine-grade olive oil with good results. My deep sleep score doubled when I began taking it (I measure sleep with an Oura ring). Sleep is so important to me, I was thrilled. A friend and Ph.D. researcher forwarded a published study that was done using the C60 molecule and olive oil resulting in unfavorable outcomes. I was concerned and sent a note to SES Research asking if they were aware of this study. Joanna responded within an hour pointing out in detail the discrepancies in protocols between the studies. Honestly, I didn't expect that I would hear back from SES Research. Her quick detailed response really up'd the score on my trust meter.
    genevieve diamondgenevieve diamond
    15:14 29 Apr 22
    I contacted SES because one of the bottles in my shipment.was broken. SES's Jessy Escalante took care of the situation without any fuss, and my replacement bottle will be sent as agreed upon. SES--great product plus very helpful staff. Thank you, Jessy!
    dale reynoldsdale reynolds
    16:56 28 Mar 22
    Customer service is the best! I've had two problems with shipping and Joanna took care of them immediately no questions asked. I'd hope other companies would be to lucky to have her on their team, the best!Now I have tried SES before and their wonderful product DOES hold up to their advertisement on what it does, each time I take a dose it's like having comfort food, that warm fuzzy feeling you get, just love the feeling gained by using the product. My recommendation, You deserve the best in life especially for your body, SES will give you that. You'll have many health benefits, not only the highest grade product and totally bar none, Joanna will handle any problems that could arise, the best!My thanks to SES and Joanna at customer service, you're the greatest,Dale Reynolds
    r mr m
    22:06 08 Feb 22
    In my knowledge this company has the highest rated product of its kind. C/S is helpful, knowledgable and efficient. I am a happy customer.
    Jean-Paul JunodJean-Paul Junod
    19:29 15 Dec 21
    I love the Carbon 60 that we purchase from SES Research. The flavor is great and while we don’t notice a big difference on a day-to-day basis, but we do realize a difference on the days where we don’t take it. We just don’t feel as limber and energetic. When we are sick, and it makes a HUGE difference.I also have received excellent customer service from Jesse. One of our bottles on auto ship came with a broken seal, and they are sending a replacement bottle. This company is also really good at delaying your auto ship for months out if you feel like you have too much product on hand. We’ve been ordering from SES Research for over a year now, and before that we were taking C60 that our natural health practitioner was making for over a year. We definitely feel like C60 from SES Research is better with the consistency and quality.
    Daniel WestDaniel West
    12:21 04 Dec 21
    SES products are the best I have had nothing but positive responses from their products and the last product I ordered I received it in just two days. I really don't know how they do that, but it is fantastic, I would recommend their products to everyone...I had planned on living to the age of 100y/o but now with taking the SES-c60 they say it can possibly double your age so I'm shooting for 200y/o. You never know...Thank you SES Research Dan
    Kalo RomaKalo Roma
    22:15 19 Oct 21
    SES Research is the original source of c60 in the US and they continue to offer a solid, quality product that it easy to dose correctly and use daily. Their customer support is very responsive and professional and will go the extra mile to ensure you have a positive experience. I recently had multiple issues with FedEx delivering my last order. Luckily, the SES representative stepped in on my behalf and coordinated things so that I was able to get my order delivered. It made all the difference. Hopefully they'll use UPS in the future rather than FedEx. Highly recommend their c60 in fine grade olive oil!
    paola vergarapaola vergara
    00:28 25 Sep 21
    As a first time buyer I'm very pleased with the customer service . As I had some questions about the product and they got back to me fast and we're eager to help if I had any issues . I will continue use and reap the benefits . Thank you Jessy Escalante☺️
    Edward ConroyEdward Conroy
    18:20 07 Jul 21
    Jerry Escalante very readily and courteously helped me resolve a delivery product with my order, resulting in delivery that same afternoon after FedEx had said it was already delivered. Thanks, Jerry! I took my first dose last night and slept very well. Looking forward to tracking my progress! Thanks to the whole SES Research team for a great product, and great service. As I live in San Antonio, I'm happy to support a Houston, Texas-based business, too!
    Calvin CaseyCalvin Casey
    16:31 29 Jun 21
    From the first phone call I made to inquire about this product to now - over a year later - they have been great! Someone picks up the phone, (no robots or "press this #) : ) They always get my order or requests correct the first time!! I wish more companies were like them. Thank you !
    Cassidy AlexaCassidy Alexa
    20:18 16 Oct 20
    Jessy was very kind and helpful. I love the product. It gives me energy, calmness, improves my sleep, and overall well-being. I even love to put it on my skin. I give it to my dog as well, and he is energetic, his fur is velvet soft, and I have even noticed a small growth completely reverse. Thank you for being so transparent and honest. Best C60 around. Thank you again for the amazing customer support, and top notch quality.

    As a Houston-based manufacturer, we specialize in premium Carbon 60 (C60) products designed to enhance health. Founded in 1991 by scientists intrigued by fullerenes, a family of carbon-based molecules including C60, we’ve evolved into a leading C60 producer known for quality and innovation.

    SES Research is driven by scientific exploration, continuously refining our C60 offerings for optimal effectiveness. We’re committed to quality and transparency, using top-notch materials and sharing research findings openly. Join our community of customers who value science and quality. Whether you’re an athlete, a wellness seeker, or simply curious about C60’s potential, trust SES Research for top-tier products and guidance. Get in touch via the provided contact details – we’re here to assist you.

    SES Research Inc., 5999 West 34th, Suite 106 Houston, TX 77092 USA
    Tel: (713) 686-9662 • Toll Free: 1 (800) 275-0082