C60 Olive Oil Serving Calculator

Are you wondering what is the serving size for C60 in Olive Oil?
C60 Serving calculator - What does of C60 to takeThis C60 Dosage Calculator is created based on the original Baati longevity paper.  Since Baati et al used SES Research C60 in the experiment, it is important that this calculator gives an equivalent c60 serving calculation based scientifically.
The original study was a toxicity study of Carbon 60 CNRS at University Paris, which turned into Life Extension Research Study and the effect of C60-olive oil solution on oxidative stress.  The study was performed on rats so it is necessary to do an allometric based conversion to get an appropriate daily serving for humans.
What is allometric scaling?  It is not the case that a dose/serving based on weight for a rat has a 1-to-1 ratio to a dose based on weight for humans.  This is due to the difference in metabolism.  A human-sized rat would not have the same metabolism as a human and a rat-sized human would not have the same metabolism as a rat.  The best way to relate the metabolism difference is based on the surface area of the subjects.  This is allometric scaling.
Use the calculator below to find a relevant human daily serving. Shop c60 Supplements


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