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Does C60 increase your energy during the day? Does C60 help with Pets?

” Love c60 from SES LABS. Have been on it for only 6 days and already am feeling amazing. My energy is incredible I simply don’t get tired. Also my dreams (more…)


C60 Pain Relief – SES Research Testimonial

“Damn SES Research to hell! They actually have a product that works and I must keep buying it. Yes, it is that good. I am a few months shy of being 55 and have been living with arthritis and other (more…)

Rebecca Iocca

C60 Pain Relief & Mood Enhancer

I began taking C60 initially from a competitor not knowing they were most likely getting their product directly from SES Research. Within days, I noticed relief from a chronic leg pain of 15 years that I have suffered after (more…)


Does SES Research C60 give you more energy?

“I have only been a customer for only a month, just to try this product to see if it works. I can testify that C60 provided me energy. (more…)

Edward B

C60 Boosts Energy

“I read about the Baati (rat) study, and everything else I could about C60 (in olive oil) before deciding to buy a bottle from SES Research, thinking that if I felt no results I would not buy any more. (more…)


C60 Helps With Cats, Too!

Was lucky to find this site. Visited a friend. The cat, George, is about 15 years old. Been to the vet. He was diagnosed with a very very severe form of arthritis. I don’t prescribe diagnose or treat, told my friend what I had. (more…)


Can I Take C60 at My Age?

“I’m a 70 year-young widow. I’ve been taking the basic C60 olive oil formula for almost a year. I am very active, exercise daily, eat well (not vegetarian), take other supplements and play golf 2-3 times a week. (more…)

Rita Johnson



SES Research, Inc. in conjunction with the
Electrochemistry Society Nanocarbon Division
would like to congratulate the final awardees the
SES Research Material Grant Support.

Academic Awardees:


SES Research has been involved with the Fullerene/C60 academic and research industry since 1991. By offering these awards SES Research continues to invest in the future of Fullerene/C60 research.