C60 Success Stories: See What Our Customers Have to Say

Our C60 testimonials page is a collection of stories from people who have experienced the potential benefits of Carbon 60 for themselves. We’ve gathered these testimonials from individuals who have tried C60 for a variety of reasons, from improving athletic performance to supporting overall health and wellness.

You’ll hear from people of all ages and backgrounds who have incorporated C60 into their daily routine, and the positive effects they’ve experienced as a result. We’ve also included before-and-after photos and videos to give you a better idea of the physical changes that some people have seen.

We believe that hearing from real people who have tried C60 can be incredibly helpful in making an informed decision about whether it’s right for you. While everyone’s experience with C60 may be different, we hope that these testimonials can give you an idea of the potential benefits and help you determine if C60 may be worth exploring further.

So take a look at our C60 testimonials page and see for yourself what people are saying about this amazing molecule. If you’re already using C60 and have seen positive changes in your life, we encourage you to share your own story with us as well.

C60 Pain Relief – SES Research Testimonial

“Damn SES Research to hell! They actually have a product that works and I must keep buying it. Yes, it is that good. I am a few months shy of being 55 and have been living with arthritis and otherminor ailments for about 10 years. The pain from arthritis has been reduced 90 to 95%. One unexpected benefit from C60 is I can stand all day without my feet hurting. I can testify that I am sleeping better and longer, skin is healthier and my mind is clearer. I just ordered a 3 mo. supply and will be sharing it family and friends. SES should get a Nobel Prize for this product. “

Rebecca Iocca


C60 Pain Relief & Mood Enhancer

I began taking C60 initially from a competitor not knowing they were most likely getting their product directly from SES Research. Within days, I noticed relief from a chronic leg pain of 15 years that I have suffered afterbunion surgery due to unleveled walking. Several rounds of cortisone shots never completely eliminated that pain so C60 provided me with the anti-inflammatory properties needed for further relief. Subsequently, I discovered SES, the original ‘rat experiment’ supplier, and began a subscription with them.

I have also suffered from depression since my mid-30’s. Like many, I’ve taken prescription drugs on and off over the years to help with that. After taking C60, I stopped smoking and taking the prescription drug and felt fine but never connected the C60 to my mood or its help with my ability to stop smoking, although I did feel I had more ‘clarity’ in my thinking.

Then, “I’m cured”, I’ll stop my C60 subscription too. Within weeks the depression returned full force and I almost picked up a pack of cigarettes after 7 months of no smoking. That’s when the connection was clear and I called to renew my monthly SES C60 subscription. For those reasons alone, I can’t say enough good about the product or the supplier SES

I feel better about taking this product than any pharmaceutical on the market. And, no clue what other benefits my body is receiving that I am not even aware. I recommend and won’t be without again. Thanks SES and staff!



Does SES Research C60 give you more energy?

“I have only been a customer for only a month, just to try this product to see if it works. I can testify that C60 provided me energy.I get [up] early now. lol. I am not a morning person and I had some questions about the fine extra virgin oil with C60. The lady that help me was very helpful, friendly… no complains … time will tell.”

Edward B


C60 Boosts Energy

“I read about the Baati (rat) study, and everything else I could about C60 (in olive oil) before deciding to buy a bottle from SES Research, thinking that if I felt no results I would not buy any more.After the first week, I noticed that I needed less sleep (I work nights), I felt less hungry, and I reduced the amount of coffee I drank at night ( to stay alert at work) from about 3 cups of coffee, just 1 1/2 cups of coffee, and I’m out-performing my younger co-workers. Before I finished my first bottle, I contacted SES Research and asked them to put me on auto-ship. I put a small amount of the C60 in olive oil on my dog’s dry dog food, and she loves it. She is 10 years old, and where before she would lay around and sleep, she now runs around like a puppy, and wants to play all the time. this is one product I will always take. I even go out of my way to recommend it to strangers I meet if they ever bring up the topic of health or lack of energy. You owe it to yourself to AT LEAST TRY ONE BOTTLE!!!”



C60 Helps With Cats, Too!

Was lucky to find this site. Visited a friend. The cat, George, is about 15 years old. Been to the vet. He was diagnosed with a very very severe form of arthritis. I don’t prescribe diagnose or treat, told my friend what I had. I was given permission to simply put a drop in his treat. We saw a difference in his coat the next day – We thought it was our imagination.

4 days later he hopped up on my bed in the room I stayed in. I was told he had not done that in a long time. Jump to 2 weeks later, and I just got word that he jumped my friend’s bed which is super super high off the ground. He has energy and is acting younger.

As for me, I see a difference in my hair believe it or not. Taking it every day faithfully for about three weeks. I also see a difference in my energy.

I had dinner with some friends because I hadn’t seen them in about a month. Startled me because they kept asking what are you doing?

They said I different and really really really good. Not kidding. I don’t think I look that great. But whatever it is I am now attributing it to the carbon 60.

The price is fair, they deliver superfast, and I am now on AutoShip. Cannot recommend this highly enough.



Can I Take C60 at My Age?

“I’m a 70 year-young widow. I’ve been taking the basic C60 olive oil formula for almost a year. I am very active, exercise daily, eat well (not vegetarian), take other supplements and play golf 2-3 times a week.It’s hard to say how the C60 has contributed to my current state of health but I know this: I can keep going every day without having a day off like I used to need between activities. It’s as if my recovery time is very quick.”

Rita Johnson


C60 and Magnets

Choosing the best carbon 60 is essential, which [is why] SES is at the top of the list. But choosing the best oil and the proper mixing is just as important. My research shows the best results are achieved with sunflower oil and the proper magnetsThe magnet best for me are the ones with the rings in the middle, for they spin much faster and even create a vortex in my cone-shaped 1000ml glass beaker, which lets me know the magnet is functioning properly. I also let the mixture run for a full 30 days and bypass the purification process, for I would much rather let my body absorb ALL of the carbon 60 and remove the waste naturally as to get the full effect of the carbon 60. Enjoy your new-found health!

Lawrence Schultz


C60 Training Blocks

Testimony and protocol, and clean this up a bit or ask for expansion on anything:
I’ve tried everything, and continue to try new interventions every season. The harsh reality, despite the hype and research and claims, is that nothing works, as a rule. At this point, I’ve found a select few things that deliver, C60 is one of them!
It takes me three training blocks to make the extremely nonscientific assertion that something “works,” my highest level of endorsement. I’ll try a reasonable protocol based on research I read, and log runs and lifestyle notes like always, then warp the protocol to fit my preferences and hypotheses after I establish a baseline. I then cycle off and note changes. When I bring it back, I’m informed by my own notes from the first trial as well as the original research and indications, turning my eyes on to see what benefits I might find.. it’s rather invasive and time consuming, but I love it! And being a small margin away from my dream races now, every tiny bit is NOT trivial.
The protocol I’ve settled on with C60 up to this point is to take standard doses (see the calculator) in the middle of the training block, once my body is carrying noticeable fatigue. But I only take it Tuesdays and Fridays, before my tough workouts Wednesdays and my longer weekend runs. Then as the training gets even more abusive, I will double or triple that dose, and ultimately take it every day leading up to the goal race.
What I get out of this is bullet proof legs. It doesn’t feel like I recover faster; it feels like I Don’t Do the damage in the first place. This is my guess because even as the miles pile on, my legs stay snappy and structurally sound, not degrading even over the last 10 miles of a 50 miler where they have historically been a limiting factor to performance. With the Leadville 100 (mile trail run) coming up this summer, I’m Stoked to see how this translates to such an overwhelmingly long event.

Anthony Kunkel


Purchasing From The Manufacturer

Chris Burres at SES Research provided me with concrete answers to numerous questions regarding the intriguing world of Carbon 60. As a company which is currently transferring into C60 production, purchasing directly from the manufacturer makes financial sense.Moreover, those at SES want an informed wholesale customer so that those who produce product for consumers receive quality toxin free Carbon C60. Excellent service and very knowledgeable. My warmest thanks.

Richard Clarke


99.99% pureC60

I was very happy with the prompt delivery of my 99.99% pureCc60 from SES Research. They sent email updates that communicated well about receiving and shipping.Also, it is comforting, know that this is the same C60 that was used in the original rat study. I thought the price was very reasonable as well. Thank you, SES!

Steve Brandt


Morning Chris

Thank you very much for the two bottles of Vital C. Nice looking products. Well done. The measured dose cup is great. I have used the product on 2 mornings, taking approximately 2.5 ml….to start. A personal note…I had a car accident last year and suffering from vertigo (concussion) which is quite limiting…..movements especially. Headaches and more. Is it at all possible that I may be imagining Vital C has started to improve this situation? I say this because I am less dizzy by 80%, almost gone. Impressive. I am anxious to hear back from HC as to whether or not we can add C60 to the database. thank you again and I will keep you informed. Grateful,

Linda Beach


Does C60 increase your energy during the day? Does C60 help with Pets?

” Love c60 from SES LABS. Have been on it for only 6 days and already am feeling amazing. My energy is incredible I simply don’t get tired. Also my dreamsare much more vivid and I wake up actually feeling like I have slept. Giving it to my shitzu who was very sick I believe he was dying.Hw was confused and not seeing we.. took him to the vet and his liver enzymes were high. He is now walking better he is not falling as much and is not as confused. He is not 100% yet but he was a sick little pup. I will keep a record and let you know how we do. My husband and son are taking it now with good results.

They are relatively healthy but my son said his back aches went away as well as a pain he gets in his chest from A condition he acquired about a year ago. Also I have had much more mental clarity and I can focus much better. My energy though is off the charts. I feel like the energizer bunny. Bye for now. “