Can I Take C60 at My Age?

I’m a 70 year-young widow. I’ve been taking the basic C60 olive oil formula for almost a year. I am very active, exercise daily, eat well (not vegetarian), take other supplements and play golf 2-3 times a week. It’s hard to say how the C60 has contributed to my current state of health but I know this: I can keep going every day without having a day off like…

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Rita Johnson

C60 Pain Relief – SES Research Testimonial

Damn SES Research to hell! They actually have a product that works and I must keep buying it. Yes, it is that good. I am a few months shy of being 55 and have been living with arthritis and other minor ailments for about 10 years. The pain from arthritis has been reduced 90 to 95%. I can testify that I am sleeping better and longer, skin is healthier…

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Rebecca Iocca

Does SES Research C60 give you more energy?

I have only been a customer for only a month, just to try this product to see if it works. I can testify that C60 provided me energy. I get [up] early now. lol. I am not a morning person and I had some questions about the fine extra virgin oil with C60. The lady that help me was very helpful, friendly… no complains … time will tell.

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Edward Bundy

C60 Boosts Energy

I read about the Baati (rat) study, and everything else I could about C60 (in olive oil) before deciding to buy a bottle from SES Research, thinking that if I felt no results I would not buy any more. After the first week, I noticed that I needed less sleep (I work nights), I felt less hungry, and I reduced the amount of coffee I drank at night…

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Graco Palace

99.99% PureC60

I was very happy with the prompt delivery of my 99.99% pureCc60 from SES Research. They sent email updates that communicated well about receiving and shipping.

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Steve Brandt

C60 Training Blocks

Testimony and protocol, and clean this up a bit or ask for expansion on anything:
I’ve tried everything, and continue to try new interventions every season. The harsh reality, despite the hype and research and claims, is that nothing works, as a rule. At this point, I’ve found a select few things that deliver, C60 is one of them!

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Anthony Kunkel

C60 Pain Relief & Mood Enhancer

I began taking C60 initially from a competitor not knowing they were most likely getting their product directly from SES Research. Within days, I noticed relief from a chronic leg pain of 15 years that I have suffered after bunion surgery due to unleveled walking. Several rounds of cortisone shots never completely eliminated that pain so C60…

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Does C60 help with Pets?

Love c60 from SES LABS. Have been on it for only 6 days and already am feeling amazing. My energy is incredible I simply don’t get tired. Also my dreams are much more vivid and I wake up actually feeling like I have slept. Giving it to my shitzu who was very sick I believe he was dying. Hw was confused and not seeing well…

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Kathleen Fanelli

C60 Helps With Cats, Too!

Was lucky to find this site. Visited a friend. The cat, George, is about 15 years old. Been to the vet. He was diagnosed with a very very severe form of arthritis. I don’t prescribe diagnose or treat, told my friend what I had. I was given permission to simply put a drop in his treat. We saw a difference in his coat the next day…

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Linda Beach

Morning Chris!

Thank you very much for the two bottles of Vital C. Nice looking products. Well done. The measured dose cup is great. I have used the product on 2 mornings, taking approximately 2.5 ml….to start. A personal note…

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Linda Beach

Purchasing From The Manufacturer

Chris Burres at SES Research provided me with concrete answers to numerous questions regarding the intriguing world of Carbon 60. As a company which is currently transferring into C60 production, purchasing directly from the manufacturer makes financial sense.

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Richard Clarke

C60 and Magnets

Choosing the best carbon 60 is essential, which [is why] SES is at the top of the list. But choosing the best oil and the proper mixing is just as important. My research shows the best results are achieved with sunflower oil and the proper magnets

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Lawrence Schultz

SES Research Inc.
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Jean-Paul JunodJean-Paul Junod
19:29 15 Dec 21
I love the Carbon 60 that we purchase from SES Research. The flavor is great and while we don’t notice a big difference on a day-to-day basis, but we do realize a difference on the days where we don’t take it. We just don’t feel as limber and energetic. When we are sick, and it makes a HUGE difference.I also have received excellent customer service from Jesse. One of our bottles on auto ship came with a broken seal, and they are sending a replacement bottle. This company is also really good at delaying your auto ship for months out if you feel like you have too much product on hand. We’ve been ordering from SES Research for over a year now, and before that we were taking C60 that our natural health practitioner was making for over a year. We definitely feel like C60 from SES Research is better with the consistency and quality.
Daniel WestDaniel West
12:21 04 Dec 21
SES products are the best I have had nothing but positive responses from their products and the last product I ordered I received it in just two days. I really don't know how they do that but it is fantastic, I would recommend their products to everyone...
Kalo RomaKalo Roma
22:15 19 Oct 21
SES Research is the original source of c60 in the US and they continue to offer a solid, quality product that it easy to dose correctly and use daily. Their customer support is very responsive and professional and will go the extra mile to ensure you have a positive experience. I recently had multiple issues with FedEx delivering my last order. Luckily, the SES representative stepped in on my behalf and coordinated things so that I was able to get my order delivered. It made all the difference. Hopefully they'll use UPS in the future rather than FedEx. Highly recommend their c60 in fine grade olive oil!
paola vergarapaola vergara
00:28 25 Sep 21
As a first time buyer I'm very pleased with the customer service . As I had some questions about the product and they got back to me fast and we're eager to help if I had any issues . I will continue use and reap the benefits . Thank you Jessy Escalante☺️
Edward ConroyEdward Conroy
18:20 07 Jul 21
Jerry Escalante very readily and courteously helped me resolve a delivery product with my order, resulting in delivery that same afternoon after FedEx had said it was already delivered. Thanks, Jerry! I took my first dose last night and slept very well. Looking forward to tracking my progress! Thanks to the whole SES Research team for a great product, and great service. As I live in San Antonio, I'm happy to support a Houston, Texas-based business, too!
Calvin CaseyCalvin Casey
16:31 29 Jun 21
From the first phone call I made to inquire about this product to now - over a year later - they have been great! Someone picks up the phone, (no robots or "press this #) : ) They always get my order or requests correct the first time!! I wish more companies were like them. Thank you !
Cassidy AlexaCassidy Alexa
20:18 16 Oct 20
Jessy was very kind and helpful. I love the product. It gives me energy, calmness, improves my sleep, and overall well-being. I even love to put it on my skin. I give it to my dog as well, and he is energetic, his fur is velvet soft, and I have even noticed a small growth completely reverse. Thank you for being so transparent and honest. Best C60 around. Thank you again for the amazing customer support, and top notch quality.