Susan Brotz

I’m totally a believer of the power of c60! My experience taking it has given me back the use of my hands which had previously been so very swollen with arthritis and my thumbs weren’t usable at all! Now I can do everything with my hands! My 13 yr old cat had a galloping heart and issues with colitis. My veterinarian was not a believer on c60, but said it wouldn’t hurt him. I started giving my cat c60 and when the veterinarian examined my cat recently he was amazed that my cat’s galloping heart had becmoe normal…..vet called that incredible! My cat is running around like a kitten and is obviously feeling wonderful! I’m happy with the service I get from SES and I am happy with their wonderful c60! I wouldn’t order from any other company, as their c60 was used in the rat study which kept rats healthy and living a much longer life!” 

 October 25 at 9:02am


Jolene Goring

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   October 11 at 4:33pm


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   October 14 at 6:58pm