Properties of Carbon 60:

Average C-C distance1.44 Å
FCC Lattice constant14.17 Å
C60 mean ball diameter7.1 Å
C60 ball outer diameter10.18 Å
C60 ball inner diameter3.48 Å
Tetrahedral site radius1.12 Å
Octahedral site radius2.07 Å
Mass density1.72 g/cm3
Molecular density1.44 x 1021/cm3
Compressibility (-d in V/dP)6.9 x 10-12/cm3/dye
Bulk modulus14 Gpa
Structural phase transitions255K, 90K
Binding energy per atom7.4 eV
Electron affinity (pristine C60)2.65 eV
Ionization potential (1st)7.58 eV
Ionization potential (2nd)11.5eV
Vol. Coeff. Of thermal expansion6.2 x 10-5 cm3/K
Band gap (HOMO-LUMO)1.7 eV
Spin- orbit splitting C (2p)0.0022 eV
Velocity of sound vt 2.1 x 105 cm/sec
Velocity of sound vl 3.6 x 105 cm/sec
Debye temperature185 K
Thermal conductivity (300 K)0.4W/mK
Phonon mean free path50 Å
Static dielectric constant4.0 – 4.5
Standard heat of formatio9.08 k cal mol-1
Index of refraction2.2 (600nm)
Boiling pointSublimes at 800K
Resistively1014 ohms m-1
Vapor densityN/A
Vapor pressure5 x 10-6 torr at room temperature
Crystal form Hexagonal cubic
8 x 10-4 torr at 800K

Fullerene Extract mixture (C60/C70) solubility:

Solvents that dissolve fullerenes are listed below in order of highest solubility.
( )=approx. saturated concentration.

1. 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene(20mg/ml)
2. carbon disulfade(12mg/ml)
3. toluene(3.2mg/ml)
4. benzene(1.8mg/ml)
5. chloroform(0.5mg/ml)
6. carbon tetrachloride(0.4mg/ml)
7. cyclohexane(0.054mg/ml)
8. n-hexane(0.046mg/ml)
9. THF(0.037mg/ml)



Solubility of Carbon 60 (C60)


1-chloronaphthalene51 mg/mL
1-methylnaphthalene33 mg/mL
1,2-dichlorobenzene24 mg/mL
1,2,4-trimethylbenzene18 mg/mL
tetrahydronaphthalene16 mg/mL
carbon disulfide8 mg/mL
1,2,3-tribromopropane8 mg/mL
xylene5 mg/mL
bromoform5 mg/mL
toluene3 mg/mL
benzene1.5 mg/mL
cyclohexane1.2 mg/mL
carbon tetrachloride0.4 mg/mL
chloroform0.25 mg/mL
n-hexane0.046 mg/mL
trtrahydrofuran0.006 mg/mL
acetonitrile0.004 mg/mL
methanol0.000 04 mg/mL
water1.3×10−11 mg/mL



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