Reported in {1995 Yu, et. Al, 1995} PCMB is a soluble form of Fullerenes blended with conjugated polymers with nano-particles such as C60 that has been found to enhance the efficiencies of organic based solar cells.

[60]PCBM, Specification

Chemical name:[6,6]-Phenyl C61 butyric acid methyl ester
Also known as:
  • 1-[3-(methoxycarbonyl)propyl]-1-phenyl-[6.6]C61
  • 3’H-cyclopropa[1,9][5,6]fullerene-C60-Ih-3′-butanoic acid 3′-phenyl methyl ester
Product Name:[6,6]-Phenyl C61 butyric acid methyl ester
CAS Number:CAS 160848-22-6
Molecular formula:C72H14O2
Molecular Weight:910.9
Fullerene purity:≥ 99.5% by HPLC with respect to fullerene content
Orbital Energy:HOMO 6.1 eV
LUMO 3.7 eV
Semiconductor Properties:N-Type (mobility-0.21 cm2/V·s)

PCBM 99.0

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PCBM 99.5

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[70]PCBM, Specification

Chemical name:[6,6]-Phenyl C71 butyric acid methyl ester (mixture of isomers)
Also known as:
  • 3’H-Cyclopropa[8,25][5,6]fullerene-C70-D5h(6)-3′-butanoic acid, 3′-phenyl-, methyl ester (major isomer)
Product Name:[6,6]-Phenyl C71 butyric acid methyl ester, mixture of isomers
CAS Number:CAS 609771-63-3
Molecular formula:C82H14O2
Molecular Weight:1031.0
Fullerene purity:≥ 99% by HPLC with respect to fullerene content containing isomers

[70] PCBM 99.0

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Bis [60] PCBM, Specification

Product Name:Bis(1-[3-(methoxycarbonyl)propyl]-1-phenyl)-[6.6]C62 (mixture of isomers)
CAS Number:CAS 1048679-01-1
Molecular formula:C84H28O4
Molecular Weight:1101.1

Bis [60] PCBM 99.5

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[60]PCBM, Specification


[60] ThCBM 99.5

D5 [60] PCBM, Specification


D5 [60] PCBM >99.5

Product Name:[6,6]-(2-Thienyl)-C61-butyric acid methyl ester
CAS Number:CAS 925673-03-6
Molecular formula:C70H12O2S
Molecular Weight:916.91
Product Name:D5-[60]PCBM (Pentadeuterophenyl-C61-Butyric-Acid-Methyl Ester)
CAS Number:CAS 749897-80-4
Molecular formula:C72D5H9O2
Molecular Weight:915.91