So one of the things that we have noticed in the early C60 as a supplement market is the number of people who are deceiving and/or committing fraud. We ask are they deceiving themselves, maybe they do not know the truth, or are they just deceiving the customers. Either way the customer is loosing out. This video shows a product on the market that claims to have potentized C60. We don’t really know what that is but what this video shows is that there is no C60 in this product Toxin Busters. Buyer Beware

SES Research C60 (ESS60) in olive oil has been reported to provide great results for our customers. Our product ESS60 was used and SES Research is mentioned in the original study that showed to increase the lifespan of test subjects by 90%.

This video shows a demonstration used to show that the product Toxin Busters does not have C60 in it.

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