Cosmosil 5C8-MS alkyl-chained columns use packing material which combine alkyl chains (except C18) such as C(octyl), C4(buty) and TMS (trimethyl). As the length of  alkyl chain becomes shorter, the hydrophobic interaction becomes weaker.
Owing to the ultra end-capping treatment with very low levels of free silanol as in the case of C18  columns, COSMOSIL alkyl-chained columns can be used widely for the general analysis of compounds including those for which C18 columns produce long retention times.

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Silica gel
high purity porous spherical silica gel
Average particle size
Average pore size
approx. 120Å
Specific surface area
approx. 300m²/g
Stationary phase
octyl group
End capping treatment
near-perfect treatment
Carbon content
approx. 10%


For the analysis of non-polar compounds such as benezene and toluene, the column shows weaker retention as the length of alkyl-chain become shorter. This retention increases for polar compounds such as acetophenone and

Cosmosil 5C8-MS Column

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5C8-MS – Preparative Column,10 x 250 mm 093-8159 $1,020.00 Add to cart
5C8-MS – Analytical Column, 4.6 x 150 mm 093-8155 $402.00 Add to cart
5C8-MS – Analytical Column, 4.6 x 100 mm 093-8154 $381.00 Add to cart
5C8-MS – Analytical Column, 4.6 x 250 mm 093-8156 $505.00 Add to cart
5C8-MS – Analytical Column, 4.6.x 50 093-8153 $319.00 Add to cart
5C8-MS – Analytical Guard Column, 4.6 x 10.0 mm 093-8151 $309.00 Add to cart
5C8-MS – Preparative Column, 20 x 250 mm 093-8160 $1,957.00 Add to cart
5C8-MS – Semi-preparative Guard Column, 10 x 20 mm 093-8152 $525.00 Add to cart

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