Reversed-phase HPLC columns have been widely used due to its superior resolution, high theoretical plate numbers, ease of use and cost performance. In reversed phase HPLC columns, hydrophobic interaction is the dominant separation mode. For some substances similar in hydrophobicity recognition capability may be poor, thus resulting in insufficient separation.

The COSMOSIL PYE reversed phase columns utilize various interactions based on p-electrons of the stationary phase. Its stationary phase is a planar pyrene or 2-(1-pyrenyl)ethyl) group bonded chemically to the silica gel. Utilizing such p-p interactions based on the pyrene ring, the PYE column separated substances similar in structure with ease.

totally porous spherical silica gel
Average particle size
Average pore size
approx. 120Å
Specific surface area
approx. 300m2/g
Stationary phase
2-(1-pyrenyl)ethyl group
Carbon content
approx. 18%

Hydrophobic Interation
p-p interaction
Charge transfer interaction
Column: 4.6mm x  150mmMobile phase:5PYE :menthanol :water: 45:55
5C18-MS methanol:water 50:50Flow rate 1.0ml/min
Detection UV 220nm, 0.6 AUFS
Sample 1. Benzene
2. Anisole
            3. Nitrobenzene
Column: 5PYE(4.6mmI.D.-150mm)
Mobile phase: Toluene
Flow rate: 1.0 ml/min
Detection: UV 285nm
Temperature: 30C
Perfect separation of higher fullerenes on COSMOSIL PYE column.


C18 columns have been commonly used for the separation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. However, their resolution for the separation of isomers is limited. The chromatogram below illustrates a separation of benz[a]anthracene and chrysene. Due to the electrostatic interaction between the sample and the pyrene ring in the stationary phase, the COSMOSIL PYE packed column can achieve the separation of aromatic isomers.

Column: 5PYE 4.6mmx150mm
Mobile phase: A:water, B:methanol
Gradient:B. 80%~100%, 20min linearFlow rate: 1.0ml/min
Detection UV 254nm,
1. Naphthalene
2. Acenaphthylene
3. Acenapthene
4. Flourene
5. Phenanthrene
6. Anthracene
7. Fluoranthene
8. Pyrene
9. 2,3-Benzofluorene
10. Benz[a]anthracene
11. Chrysene
12. Triphenylene
13. Naphthacene
14. Benzo[a]pyrene
15. Perylene
16. Dibenz[ a,c]anthracene
17. Dibenz[ a,h]anthracen


Cosmosil 5PYE Column

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