PEEK starter kit

In LC applications involving proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, or other samples of biological origin, metal systems may interact with samples or release transition metals that will deactivate columns. The PEEK starter kit facilitates replacement of stainless stel tubing, fittings, ferrules, mobile phase filters, etc., to create a biocompatible environment for samples and mobile phase.

The kit includes:

  • 1 plastic box
  • 10 PEEK one-piece fittings, 10-32
  • 5 PEEK handtight fittings
  • 5 PEEK nuts, hex head, long
  • 20 1/16″ PEEK ferrules
  • 1 PEEK union, 10-32
  • 2 tubing elbows, 90°
  • 2 tubing elbows, 180°
  • 1 in-line PEEK filter, 5 µm frit
  • 1 Clean-Cut tubing cutter
  • 1 Last-Drop PTFE filter, 5 µm
  • 3m PEEK tubing, 1/16″ x 0.25 mm ID, blue stripe
  • 3m PEEK tubing, 1/16″ x 0.50 mm ID, orange stripe
  • 1 pair of tweezers
peek start2

PEEK Starter Kit

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One-piece PEEK fingertight column coupler

Choose from a variety of coupler IDs, indicated by the color of the sleeve (which also reflects the color-coding of our PEEK tubing). A unique feature of this column coupler is that it adapts automatically to fit all pilot lengths – Valco, Waters, Upchurch, Rheodyne, etc. Since the tubing bottoms out in any fitting detail, added void volume is minimal. Material is PEEK.

Red0.13 mm
Yellow0.17 mm
Blue0.25 mm
Orange0.50 mm


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Color Red – Bore 0.13 mm SE-26501 $40.00 Add to cart
Color Orange – Bore 0.50 mm SE-26504 $40.00 Add to cart
Color Blue – Bore 0.25 mm SE-26503 $40.00 Add to cart
Color Yellow – Bore 0.17 mm SE-26502 $40.00 Add to cart