The discovery of fullerenes in 1985 led to a  new field of study and a New Material Class of pure carbon that is significantly different from other forms of carbon, diamond and graphite. Carbon Fullerenes are spherical, caged molecules with carbon atoms located at the corner of the polyhedral structure consisting of pentagons and  hexagons, much like the shape of a Soccer ball. Carbon Fullerenes come in many forms,  the most abundant  form is Carbon 60 (which has a soccer ball shape), Carbon 70 (which has more of a rugby ball shape) and Carbon 84 (spherical).  Fullerene get the name from the geodesic dome shape which was research and promoted by Buckminister Fuller. Following the discovery of Fullerenes another new carbon structure known as Carbon Nanotubes was discovered. Nanotubes are seamless cylinders of hexagonal carbon networks (tubes) that are formed either as a Singlewall molecule or Multiwalled molecules.

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carbon 60

Carbon C60