Metabolomics, i.e., the analysis of all cellular metabolite, has become a powerful new tool for gaining insight into functional biology. Recently capillary electrophoresis – electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (CE – ESI – MS) has emerged as a powerful analytical tool, and a number of CE – ESI – MS methods have been developed for the analysis of charged species such as carboxylic acids, phenolic compounds, amino acids, metal species, tetramines, and herbicides. Key to the analysis is electroosmotic flow (EOF) reversal using a cationic polymer-coated capillary and an electrolyte system consisting of 50 mM ammonium acetate, pH 9.0.

SMILE (+) cationic polymer coated capillary column, for EOF reversal The direction of the elecroosmotic flow is from the cathode (-) to the direction of the anode (+) because of the cationic polymer coating inside of the capillary column. It makes possible the so far unaccomplished separations in a short time. The EOF is pH-independent. Broad pH range of applications!

SMILE (-) anionic polymer coated capillary column, for pH-independent EOF The polysical coating inside the capillary column contains sulfonic groups resulting in EOF from the anode (+) to the cathode (-). The pH-independent EOF makes this column useful for fast and sharp separations in a wide pH -range. 


SMILE Capillary Electrophoresis Column