One of our frequently asked questions is When should we take SES Research C60 in Olive Oil? Watch this video by co-owner Chris Burres to find out.

SES Research C60 (ECS60) in Olive Oil has been reported to give our customers energy. This begs the question of when should someone take the product.

The debate on when to take a health supplement has been happening since the dawn of supplements. The Washington Post has a comprehensive article about this topic read here.

At SES Research we listen to our customers and they regularly ask us

  • Should I take SES Research C60 in the morning?
  • Should I take SES Research C60 in the evening?

In this video we report that it depends on the preference of the individual. Some customers report that taking our product in the evenings keep them up. If this is true for you take it in the morning. The majority of our customers to the product with their morning routine.

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