Are C60 Supplements Vegan?

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By Chris Burres

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Choosing to consume vegan supplements has its potential health effects. But before we understand more, let’s define the term vegan.

People who choose veganism describe it as a way of living that attempts to avoid consuming animal products or those derived from it. They are interested in how plant-based diets may reduce health issues such as the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and more.

Others want to lower their amount of animal products to avoid the side effects linked to the antibiotics and hormones used in farming. And still others want to reduce animal product usage because they feel the practice leads to deforestation and impacts the environment.

Let’s look if consuming C60 supplements is a healthy alternative that supports a vegan lifestyle.

C60 supplements, vegan supplements

Foods That Vegans Eat

Some of the most popular dishes we know are vegan. For example, you might not know that sandwiches, tomato pizzas, and pasta are vegan dishes. While vegans avoid animal products, they swap them with plant-based foods in recipes.

Generally, vegans replace meats with foods like:

 C60 supplements, vegan supplements

  • tofu
  • beans
  • lentils
  • tempeh
  • nuts
  • seeds

Instead of dairy products, vegans use plant extracts to make favorite dishes. They swap scrambled eggs with tofu, raw eggs with chia seeds, and honey with molasses or maple syrup.

Add olive oil to your regular diet and start taking more fruits and vegetables.”

C60 supplements, vegan supplements

Are C60 Supplements Vegan?

Yes, C60 supplements are made from the highest grade of extra virgin olive oil that comes from Organic Koroneiki Olives. They are plant-based supplement excellent for a vegan diet.

In addition, real, high-quality extra virgin olive oil has well-researched anti-inflammatory compounds, antioxidants and numerous heart-healthy macronutrients that benefits in lowering rates of inflammation, heart disease, depression, dementia and obesity.

Why the Need for Vegan Supplements

As we can see from the above list, vegan foods are rich in dietary fibers. But they may lead to lowering your levels of iron, antioxidants, zinc, B12, or calcium.

Even if you go vegan all the way, you might not get all the necessary nutrients every day.

More so, absorption of nutrients also decreases as your body ages. The aging body gives rise to free radicals in your body, which are highly unstable rogue molecules. They tend to react with oxygen molecules and damage your DNA and bones on a cellular level.

Under these circumstances, you may seek vegan supplements to fight free radicals effectively.

“C60 is full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.”

Sources of C60 Supplements

 C60 supplements, vegan supplements

Carbon 60 was first mentioned in 1965, whereas scientists proved its existence only in 1985 during a joint research project.

C60 is a non-toxic element which is full of amazing chemical properties. These make C60 supplements a healthy alternative for vegans.

C60 in its purest form (99.99%) is available at SES Research as C60 Olive Oil – Fine Grade. We use the highest grade of extra virgin olive oil that comes from Organic Koroneiki Olives. This oil is popularly used in most high-end restaurants across the globe. Since olive oil is a plant-based food, it is suitable for vegans to consume.

Add C60 olive oil to your diet to get all the nutrients your body needs for optimal health.”

How Do C60 Supplements Help Vegan Diet

 C60 olive oil Fine Grade constitutes of organic material. C60 is a free radical scavenger which reverses their adverse effects, for example:

 C60 supplements, vegan supplements

C60 boosts your energy, which in turn, helps you to stay more active. Needless to say, when your body keeps moving, it aids in weight loss.

  • Benefits of C60 are not just physical health; you also start to sleep well and feel more relaxed.
  • C60 also has the potential to soothe the inflammation in your muscles and joints. C60 vegan supplements also have the potential to speed up the skeletal recovery process.
  • In many cases, people have reported that by using C60 regularly, they feel more youthful.
  • Researchers study used C60 from SES Research to study the effects of C60 on Wistar rats. They discovered that administration of C60 olive oil extended their lifespan.

How to Take C60 Olive Oil

Apart from C60 olive oil Fine Grade, it is also available in powder form for several uses. Other grades of C60 supplements are beneficial when combined with olive oil.

You can take C60 directly from the bottle, using a syringe, in the calculate dosage. Or, you can combine it with your food. For example, you can spray it on your food or dip bread cubes in C60 olive oil and have them. It is as easy as that.

Start consuming C60 olive oil today to enjoy a long, energetic, and vibrant life.

Improve Your Health With C60 Olive Oil Vegan Supplements

Now that you know that endless health benefits of C60, add it to your diet to get its fantastic advantages. To know more about C60 olive oil, call us at 713-686-9662 today or click here to order now!

C60 supplements, vegan supplements

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