C60 Boosts Energy

Here is another positive review for SES C60! Greco tells us how he’s running circles around his younger coworkers because of C60. Read his testimonial below.


Here is the text from his Google Review:

“I read about the Baati (rat) study, and everything else I could about C60 (in olive oil) before deciding to buy a bottle from SES Research, thinking that if I felt no results I would not buy any more. After the first week, I noticed that I needed less sleep (I work nights), I felt less hungry, and I reduced the amount of coffee I drank at night ( to stay alert at work) from about 3 cups of coffee, just 1 1/2 cups of coffee, and I’m out-performing my younger co-workers. Before I finished my first bottle, I contacted SES Research and asked them to put me on auto-ship. I put a small amount of the C60 in olive oil on my dog’s dry dog food, and she loves it. She is 10 years old, and where before she would lay around and sleep, she now runs around like a puppy, and wants to play all the time. this is one product I will always take. I even go out of my way to recommend it to strangers I meet if they ever bring up the topic of health or lack of energy. You owe it to yourself to AT LEAST TRY ONE BOTTLE!!!”

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