C60 Helps With Cats, Too!

by | Aug 2, 2023 | Pet Supplements

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By Chris Burres

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Another 5 Star Review for C60, from Sandy. She gave C60 to a good friend’s pet cat. Subsequently, she noted remarkable results in her 15 year old arthritic kitten, as well as a few benefits from taking the supplement herself. Read on to see the benefits that they had from using C60 Olive Oil supplement.

C60 Olive Oil for cats
C60 Olive Oil

Here is the text from her C60 Olive Oil testimonial:

Was lucky to find this site. Visited a friend. The cat, George, is about 15 years old. Been to the vet. He was diagnosed with a very very severe form of arthritis. I don’t prescribe diagnose or treat, told my friend what I had. I was given permission to simply put a drop in his treat. We saw a difference in his coat the next day – We thought it was our imagination.

4 days later he hopped up on my bed in the room I stayed in. I was told he had not done that in a long time. Jump to 2 weeks later, and I just got word that he jumped my friend’s bed which is super super high off the ground. He has energy and is acting younger.

As for me, I see a difference in my hair believe it or not. Taking it every day faithfully for about three weeks. I also see a difference in my energy.

I had dinner with some friends because I hadn’t seen them in about a month. Startled me because they kept asking what are you doing?

They said I different and really really really good. Not kidding. I don’t think I look that great. But whatever it is I am now attributing it to the carbon 60.

The price is fair, they deliver superfast, and I am now on AutoShip. Cannot recommend this highly enough.

C60 Olive Oil for cats

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