Is Carbon C60 Good For You?

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By <a href="" target="_self">Chris Burres</a>

By Chris Burres

c60 Researcher, Engineer, Inventor and Co-Founder of SES Research Inc, EST 1991.
C60 is the latest phenomenon that is sweeping the health and wellness world. Carbon 60, a wildly powerful little molecule made up of 60 atoms, is available for the first time with consumer convenience at the forefront.

So far, C60 has proven effective in preventing bacteria, fungi, and other organic degenerative situations. Further, diligent users of C60 swear that they feel and look more youthful.


The most common benefits we hear reported are those related to brain function or the improved appearance of skin. Because Carbon 60 is such an incredibly strong antioxidant, free radicals do not stand a chance.

But if C60 is so great, why have you not heard of it before? There are a few reasons, the primary being that C60 is not easy to transport and makes soluble in the human body.


Or, at least, it was not until now.


C60 Olive Oil 


Introducing Carbon 60 or C60 Olive Oil. C60 oil is the best way to get your fix of your necessary daily C60 intake without having to go through the trouble of breaking it down and making it digestible for your body yourself.


C60 oil is a reliable and very tasty way of adding C60 into your daily routine.


What is Carbon C60?


Carbon 60 (or C60) collects 60 atoms (hence the name!) that purports to yield some major health benefits. From boosting your immune system to helping your skin, C60 enthusiasts swear by this little magic molecule for a litany of benefits.


As an antioxidant, scientists believe that C60 helps protect your body and soft tissue from free radicals and pollutants all around us. This is due to its unique soccer ball-like structure.


Antioxidants are associated with slowing symptoms of aging and reduced symptoms from neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. C60 has even come under scrutiny from scientists regarding its natural anti-fatigue properties that researchers believe can one day be used to help alleviate muscle soreness resultant from physical activity. (The FDA has not evaluated this product and it is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease)


Anti-Aging Benefits

C60 Oil benefits - SES Research

Antioxidants are popular in the skincare world, so C60 will likely begin to gain traction as a skincare supplement in the coming decade (as it should).


In addition to protecting against antioxidants, C60 is more generally said to improve the elastic look of your skin. Some theorize that cells will be able to retain water at more efficient rates. If this holds true as your cells plump and retain water, your facial pores will swell and become less visible—instantly smoother, more youthful-looking skin.


But the joys of carbon 60’s antiaging properties are not just skin deep. C60 helps users FEEL younger, too! C60 converts swear that they feel ten to twenty years younger after consuming their C60 in Olive Oil. Athletes report reduced recovery times and less muscle stiffness after intense workouts the next day.


Other Benefits


This improved elasticity translates into better brain function. After all, your brain is a muscle, and therefore will benefit from a tune-up and a flex just like your other muscles! Because of this, C60 can also improve overall brain wellbeing as attested to by our thousands of clients.


Carbon 60 users also report that they feel more energetic in the hours after consumption. This could be because C60 and Olive Oil reduces inflammation, at least as it relates to inflammation caused by exercise. Thus, your joints do not need to work as hard to help you reach the same places they did yesterday.

Inflammation has been intimately connected to various ailments that debilitate humans over their lifetime. Rather than considering inflammation as a normal aging process, perhaps we should be considering it as something to mitigate with the use of the Meditaranian diet, which C60 in Olive Oil is a perfect complement.


In one study, scientists claimed that the use of C60 doubled the life spans of the tested rats and reduced inflammation, as evidenced by the elimination of tumors, around soft tissue.


How Do You Use Carbon C60?

C60 Oil sleeping benefits - SES Research

Unfortunately, C60 may be a revolutionary product, but it has not had its day in the sun yet or caught widespread attention. However, the intriguing little C60 molecule is rising in popularity. More and more health buffs and fitness enthusiasts have been trying to get their hands on this elusive little ingredient.


But why is it so hard to pin down? Well, C60 is no ordinary molecule. It is also not water-soluble, so it needs to be transported and consumed in very specific ways for maximal efficacy.


One of the most popular solutions has been to suspend carbon 60 molecules in olive oil. A nice, healthy whole fat to carry all of those valuable antioxidants. Yum!


As with everything you choose to put into your body, use your best judgment. Due to the increasing popularity of C60, paired with its relative invisibility at the moment, there is a recipe for scammers to take advantage of well-meaning health enthusiasts like yourself.


If you are concerned about where your C60 source is obtaining their information, check what kind of C60 they are using. C60 and ESSC60 are different things in that ESSC60 is a purified form of C60 made specifically for human consumption. Traditional C60 is meant primarily for lab use and therefore is not optimized to break down in the human digestive tract like ESSC60.

You can also contact us at SES Research to discuss this miracle antioxidant further.


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