C60 Olive Oil Benefits

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By Chris Burres

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You’ve heard time and time again of C60 olive oil benefits. Your heath nut friend loves to mention it. It’s all they talk about sometimes, especially when they’re taking their C60 with olive oil.


“You gotta try it, dude. Really,” they say. However, when you ask, “So what are the benefits exactly?” they look puzzled.


“I don’t know,” they say. “I just know I feel good when I take it.”


If you’ve tried olive oil and want to know its benefits, read on.



You can easily replace butter with olive oil in many recipes.


Rich in Healthy Fats


C60 olive oil benefits


It might be known that olive oil is a fat, but what you might not know is that it’s a good fat.


Not only is olive oil full of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, it’s a perfect replacement for butter in recipes. How?


If you like to enjoy eggs in the morning, or want to fry up some veggies to top off your burger, you can easily use olive oil instead of butter. Just be sure to keep the heat at a medium-low temperature to avoid smoking the oil.



Olive Oil Reduces Inflammation


Inflammation has been linked to a lot of ailments, especially liver disease, cancer, and stroke. If you have a history of these in your family and want to cut down your risks, olive oil can help


About 73% of olive oil is made up of oleic acid. Studies suggest that oleic acid might retard inflammation and could cut down on your risks for the above illnesses.


Another olive oil benefit related to inflammation is olecanthnal. This antioxidant works so well some studies suggest that it works like ibuprofen. In fact, just taking 3.4 tables of olive oil might work the same as taking 10% of an adult dose of ibuprofen.


Olive Oil is Heart Healthy


One of the biggest olive oil benefits has to do with heart disease and the Mediterranean Diet.


A few years ago it was observed that people who lived around the Mediterranean Sea had lower rates of heart disease. So what made this possible? Many seem to think it has to do with what they ate.

In simple terms, the Mediterranean Diet focuses on unprocessed foods like fruits, veggies, fish, and, most importantly, olive oil.

As we have mentioned earlier in this post, olive oil is great at reducing inflammation, but that’s not all it’s good at. It can also stop bad cholesterol from oxidation, improve blood vessel lining, and lower blood pressure.

The best part about including olive oil in your diet is that you don’t have to chug gallons. A small amount daily is enough to up your health.



A study with 7,000 participants showed no weight gain with olive oil.


Olive Oil May Hinder Weight Gain


olive oil benefits, C60 olive oil benefits


We all know that too much of one food can’t be good. Bacon, while more delicious than poets can describe, is great on the weekends. However, have too much of it and you increase your risk for certain cancers. So it’s no wonder people are asking,
“What’s the downside to olive oil?”

As it turns out, there might not be much. In fact, one 30-month study with over 7,000 participants showed that olive oil didn’t increase their weight. How’s that for awesome?


Olive Oil Can Help Your Workout


olive oil benefits, C60 olive oil benefits


You know that super tired feeling you get after a workout? There are two reasons for that. It’s not just that you exerted yourself; your body also created a lot of free radicals. And those radicals LOVE to run free.

What keeps them in check are antioxidants. How? As you may recall from our other blogs, free radicals are basically atoms in search of their missing electron.


Antioxidants can give that extra electron without becoming a free radical themselves. And because olive oil (especially C60 and olive oil) is jam-packed with antioxidants, the free radicals created during a workout can be kept in check.

Olive oil gives you the energy to push yourself to lose weight. What was first a one-mile run becomes 2, then 3. You can push yourself in new ways and once more, you want to! With antioxidants, you can go the distance!


Are You Ready to Feel Better and be Healthier?


If you’re looking for a quick boost and a better, healthier life, try taking C60 in olive oil today. Many say C60’s antioxidant properties make their usual workout routines easier to complete and leave them less winded at the end.


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