Can Antioxidants Help Me Lose Weight?

by | Jun 2, 2023 | Health and Wellness

By <a href="" target="_self">Chris Burres</a>

By Chris Burres

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Antioxidants are on your mind as you’re getting ready in for the day. You look in the mirror. You weight used to be a lot healthier. You used to be a lot healthier. But the moment you think about going to the gym you get tired all over again. “Can antioxidants help me lose weight?” you wonder.

If you’ve been wanting to lose weight and want to know how antioxidants can help, read on to learn more.

Get the Boost You Need

Oxidative Stress Leads to More Free Radicals.

The Stress of Oxidation

Oxidation is the process of oxygen molecules bonding themselves to other chemicalsAs have talked about before, oxidation can lead to an abundance of free radicals. And as we also have mentioned before, not all free radicals are bad. They can help fight certain diseases.  But having too many free radicals is not a good thing. This is called oxidative stress and it can lead to illnesses and other issues.

KFC chicken - SES Research Inc.What Causes Oxidative Stress?

Oxidative stress has many causes, like:

  • certain pesticides and cleaners
  • cigarette smoke
  • radiation
  • pollution
  • a poor diet high in fried foods
  • sudden exertion

Antioxidants give you the energy you need.

Yes, you read that right. Suddenly exerting yourself (also known as working out) can cause oxidative video games - SES Research Inc.
“So what does this have to do with me?”

A lot, actually. Do you remember your first gym class after summer break? Did you feel incredibly tired after? Like your limbs would break off the moment you tried to walk to your next class? It sounds dramatic, but you felt that way for a good reason. See, if you mostly spent your summer watching movies or playing video games, your body got used to sitting. Anything beyond that made you feel super tired because your body wasn’t creating the energy you needed to move around.

So when you went to your first gym class after summer break, your body didn’t have what it needed to keep up. A simple warm-up felt like a marathon to you because it pretty much was.

This extremely tired feeling will go away after a while. And if you work out regularly you’re body will adjust to it. But those first few weeks are so tiring that many give up on working out and losing weight. But there is something you can do.

Are You Ready for a Fuller Life?

With antioxidants, you can go the distance!

Man Running - SES Research Inc.

How Antioxidants Can Help

So how can you push through the tired phase? Simple, by taking antioxidants. While the sudden movement creates armies of free radicals, the antioxidants you take will fight them. That means you can run, do pushups, or whatever exercise you want without feeling whipped. You’ll feel so energized that you’ll not only want to exercise more, you’ll want to push yourself too.

What About Weight?

The power of antioxidants is not that they make you lose weight. They give you the energy to push yourself to lose weight. What was first a one-mile run becomes 2, then 3. You can push yourself in new ways and once more, you want to! With antioxidants, you can go the distance!

The Best Antioxidant to Lose Weight

By now you might be thinking, “Okay, so what antioxidants give the best energy boost?” Good question! While a lot of antioxidants can boost energy, Carbon 60 with olive oil might give you the best boost. How?

Carbon 60 is packed with many antioxidant properties. The biggest has to do with size. Unlike other antioxidants, C60 has many electrons it can use to stabilize many free radicals. This helps pump up your energy so you can work out longer than you ever have before!

Are You Ready to Feel Better and be Healthier?

If you’re looking for a quick boost and better, healthier life, try taking Carbon 60 in olive oil today. Many say C60’s antioxidant properties make their usual workout routines easier to complete and leave them less winded at the end. To learn more about what C60 can do, click here.

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